Monday, May 25, 2015

Kids Bedroom Remodel

Well, it's been a few months since we *mostly* completed the project, but the girls' new bedroom is habitable!

They are loving their new beds and spending lots of time in their room. ha

This room was originally my mom's room when she was growing up and became my sister's room when our family moved in. It has seen a lot of teenage girl time...and I imagine the walls could tell some stories! ;)



Sunday, May 24, 2015

I'm Alive!

I'm Alive!

I know, I last post was in January. Yikes! Life has been so busy and exhausting...I just don't seem to find the time to sit down with my computer and write out our daily happenings. I absolutely WANT to get better about it. I love having these little snapshots of life to look back on! just a few things to catch up on and then I'm going to work on some future posts (top secret things until it happens - fingers crossed, in the next 2 weeks!) of fun new life changing things! :)

Last fall I went through a lot of blood work with my doctor and a specialist to figure out what was going on with me. As most of you know, I broke my leg (right above the ankle) 2 weeks after our wedding. I then suffered blood clots in my leg, got a permanent filter placed and spent the next year and half on blood thinner meds. No fun at all. My doctor retired and after putting it off for several months, I started seeing a new doctor (Dr. B) - who is coincidentally a friend from my 4-H days. She's been great and immediately decided that there was a good chance I didn't need to be on blood thinners anymore, so she sent me to an oncologist that is also a genetics specialist. Dr. C is pretty awesome, but terribly harsh. That's another story for another day. Oy....anyway, Dr. C (oncologist) ran blood work - they were vampires and practically drained me, ha - and found out that I do absolutely have Factor V and I am a carrier of it. What does that mean and how did I get it? It means that most likely at least 1 parent, if not both, are carriers of this gene and I would pass it on if I had a child (which we are NOT planning on). Dr. C said that my sister could have Factor V, but unless she gets pregnant in the future, it's not really a concern for her (even then, it would just require some extra shots if she has it). I also got to celebrate not having to take blood thinner meds any more! WOOHOO! :) Both doctors felt that the trauma of breaking my leg AND being on birth control caused the clots I experienced.

Along with the blood work to determine that I have Factor V, my new doctor (Dr. B), felt that I was also dealing with hypothyroidism. I'd been tested twice before, but was "borderline." Dr. B thought I might notice a difference in all my symptoms (I'm like a poster child if you read the symptoms). In a few weeks I will go back for a 6 month check up and see where my numbers are after taking a medication for it. I have really only noticed a difference in 2 of my MANY symptoms, so I guess I will see where I stand after the blood work. I'm just tired of feeling the way I do. Hubs would agree that he is tired of it too!

Work is finally on a more level ground. After nearly a year of revamping our process, bringing in nearly 70 temps to help...we're slowly downsizing in numbers of temps and regulating our work load. I can't really share what has been going on, but working under a FDA warning letter is NO FUN. I will be so glad when the warning is lifted and we can move forward with our new system in place. Since about late February or early March, I have been able to back off my 50+ hour weeks and go back to 40 hour work weeks. The last few weeks have really spoiled me as I have had short weeks due to work parties, vacation days, and now a holiday! It is gonna be rough to work a full 5 day week starting in June. haha

my co-worker, J, having fun at our picnic while playing Cards Against Humanity :P

The girls are feeling and looking so grown up these days! I know it's been awhile since I posted a pic...and I will have to get a new one this summer. Jordan has matured by leaps and bounds. She's had a rough school year academically, but her 6th grade graduation is coming up this week. Where has the year gone? How the heck can it be the end of the school year already? Emma has had an outstanding school year. We're so proud of how she's turned her grades around and really done well. She's going to be a Sophomore this fall...and turning 16! And I don't think her daddy is ready for all that. ha

Eric and I just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on May 4th! It was so nice to be able to get away for the night and enjoy some alone time. We didn't do anything super fancy, but spent the night at the same hotel where we stayed on our wedding night and went out to a newer restaurant we'd been wanting to try. He even tried sushi for the first time...and liked it! We've been wanting to do something simple and just get out of the house for the night. I'm so glad we got to do it, even with a million other reasons that we almost didn't take the time.

So that's where we stand. Eric and the girls are camping in the back yard (tents and sleeping on the ground is definitely not for this girl!). I'm watching late night tv (I love the jail shows like Lockup). haha Shhhhhh!

Hope you all enjoy Memorial Day weekend and are safe wherever you may be! :)

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