Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYC - Monday

It always seems these posts start out grand with all my wit and ability to replay my story for you via words...and it all goes downhill so quickly! Guess that is what I get for trying to do all the posts at once instead of spacing them out! ha Sorry folks, you're gonna have to muddle through this time.

Monday was our last day in NYC. We slept in, could have slept in longer...and then saw a few last sights in the Big Apple before heading to the airport. Sadly enough, the airport was the highlight of our day. Rockefeller Center was disappointing. Our brunch at famed Lindy's did not sit well with me. And after walking yet some more, we were both hurting again. (I hate typing that because I walk all the time and at a very fast pace, so I have no idea why it hurt so much in NYC...concrete maybe?) Anyway, the airport was it's own entertainment as airport crowds generally you'll have to scroll to the end to get that story! :p We did make it back to Indy. Our pilot was quite comical...he played the harmonica for us and did a little musical number to welcome us aboard. He also did some Governator impressions after we were in the air and before we landed. Good fun. :)

On to the pictures since I know that's what you came here for....

Rockefeller Center

RC skating rink

Saks Fifth Avenue

Radio City Music Hall

Ed Sullivan Theater - home of David Letterman Show

Lindy's famous cheesecake

Hello Deli (from the Letterman show)

And finally, the airport Jen & I were sitting at the airport enjoying our boredom when these 2 women sashayed into our row and sat across from us. The air of disdain was heavy...and amusing. They thought they were all that AND a bag of chips with their matching Louis Vuitton purses and similar leather jackets, boots, and big sunglasses. Oh and did we mention nearly matching cleavage? haha As the time wore on, Jenna started texting me about the "bomb diggity" girls, and yes we were sitting next to each other. Finally they moved a little farther down the row and proceeded to sleep. I managed to sneak this picture for the Boiled Sports guys! Of course, you can guess where they were headed...Hotlanta! hahaha

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NYC - Sunday

By Sunday we thought we were dying. Really, seriously. ha Jenna got up early Sunday morning and walked down the block to the pharmacy to buy some Icy Hot and bandaids. haha Whew, we're a sad crew. Her knees were hurting, my ankle hurt, and I had a blister of my little toe. To top it all was the day of our fateful climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. I will say I wanted to die on the way up, but if you've never done's a once in a lifetime experience. You have to do it to say you did it, but you'll never want to do it again! ;)

Sunday's festivity storyboard...

had to see the famous Wall St.

yep, there it is...the major financial district

Battery Park

ferry ride to Statue of Liberty

reflection of Lady Liberty in Jen's aviators

the old torch in the museum

at the top of the crown

Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island

I know there seems to be a lack of pictures for this day, but we spent nearly 4.5 hours on the Statue of Liberty tour and I didn't feel like posting a bazillion of the same photos. haha

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NYC - Saturday

Saturday we got up and decided to get an early start. We managed to see a lot on Saturday! I'll let the pictures tell the story, but I do have to say that Saturday was my favorite day of the trip. Not only was it fun exploring Times Square, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED going to see Wicked at the Gershwin Theater! I am a musical/broadway junkie, so I was pretty ecstatic to get to see a Broadway a Broadway theater! :) So much fun!!!

Levain Bakery
Jen HAD to go here, they make big cookies & were featured on Food Network

Strawberry Fields in Central Park
John Lennon's Memorial

took a stroll through SoHo

Flatiron Building

Empire State Building


hanging out with Oprah at Madame Tussaud's wax museum

the NYE ball on top of the building

Times Square

the singing Naked Cowboy

M&M Store

in the lobby of the Gershwin Theater

Wicked stage before the show! :)

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NYC - Friday

So Friday morning Jen and I got home, made our way to the Valet parking at the airport (I recommend this service to anyone and everyone flying out of Indy! Indy Park Ride n Fly). Our bags were whisked out of the Mountie and onto the shuttle bus practically before we were out of the car! ha We made it to the airport, checked in with AirTran, and got through security quite quickly. Our flight departed on time and we actually arrived 20 minutes EARLY at LaGuardia! Yay!

We took a private car to the hotel from the airport. It's really not all that expensive, about the same cost as a cab in a big city like NYC. To say it was an interesting ride wouldn't begin to cover it, but that's the way it is. haha Jenna's phrase of the weekend was, "the official bird (like flipping the finger) of NY is honking your horn!" ha So true. It doesn't matter if traffic is moving or standing still, drivers feel an incessant need to honk their horns as if that will magically make traffic move faster. It doesn't. Oh well. :p

It was much to early to check in to the hotel, but we stored our luggage and then we were off and running in the Big Apple! :)

Friday consisted of lots of walking...thank goodness we stayed in Midtown because we were fairly close to everything! Still, our knees were killing us at the end of the trip. Back to the story...via pictures!

lunch at Carnegie Deli

Central Park

Time Warner Center/Columbus Circle

one of the Trump Towers/Columbus Circle

Carnegie Hall

our hotel - The Salisbury

anyone see a color trend?
she came with the tote & jacket, added the suitcase to the mix! ha


FAO Schwarz


my COACH purse! love it!!

All in all, Friday night we were worn out. Flying tends to do that to you! Or maybe it was all the walking. hmmm We crashed and worked out our attack plan for the next day...I should say Jenna worked out the plan! I was so tired I could barely focus on her questions. hahaha Oh wait, maybe that was sibling selective hearing?!? ;)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out of the Office

Do you ever wish you had a reason to post that at home? haha

Why is it that we usually need a vacation to recover from vacation? Geesh. Well today I am trying to recover from the last 4 days and also do everything else that needs to be done! Jenna and I spent Friday-Monday in NYC! :) It was an absolute blast. Totally exhausted, but it was fun!

I'll try to get pics posted soon, but there's a lot going on again this week, so it may not happen. Check facebook if you need pics ASAP. I'm getting ready to post them there. ha

On another note, before I left for NYC, my lil Tobers was not feeling well. His mamaw took him to the vet Friday afternoon and they put him on an antibiotic and a probiotic. He seems to be doing much better now. Guess he just had a bit of a flu bug with a digestive problem.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday!

Saturday, Feb. 13th my sister Jenna turned 25!

25 years ago on this day, the only way we could all get to the hospital to see my new baby sister was for dad to pick us up in his 4 wheel drive truck and take a few of us at a time! Why might you ask? Because there was a full blown BLIZZARD happening in southeastern IN. Yep, leave it to Jenna to be born in a blizzard. haha

I remember being excited about having a sister. I realize I wasn't that old at the time (2.5 years old), but there are certain moments in your life that have a profound impact on your life, so they are hard to forget, no matter the age! Most of you probably don't know...but I helped name Jenna! :) Mom asked what name I thought my baby sister should have and I wanted her to have the name of my favorite actress on Dallas. hahahaha Isn't that a hoot? Well, that actress's name was Jennifer, but mom didn't like long names. So Jennifer became Jenna. And there you have it.

To celebrate her big 25th birthday, she gathered up some friends and we all met up in Indy. Jen and I started the afternoon by picking out some cupcakes at her favorite place, Holy Cow Cupcakes. We then made a stop at DSW shoes where I got an awesome pair of black peep-toe heels! (hey, the day can't be ALL about her! ha) Then I treated her to a pedicure. Saturday evening we met everyone at Scotty's Brewhouse downtown for dinner. So much fun! Everybody had a great time and a short 2 hours after we were seated, we decided it was time to head to the next stop. So after saying goodbye to 2 of the dinner party members, we all headed to the Slippery Noodle to listen to some music. Of course, no event with us could go without "memorable" moments! haha If Jen's friend gets her video posted from her camera, I will swipe it and post it here because I can only imagine how funny it is!?! Jenna and her friend, Fei-fei, were swing dancing to the music and this guy kept watching them. At the end of the one song, he told them they were AWESOME! (wish you could hear the way he said it..haha) He kept coming by our tables and entertained us. Wow. That's pretty much all I can say about that. ha

So, Happy Birthday Sissy! Hope you had a great time!

Jenna & Fei

Nicole & Jenna

Sara & Rachelle

Brian & Reid

the whole gang!

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