Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYC - Friday

So Friday morning Jen and I got home, made our way to the Valet parking at the airport (I recommend this service to anyone and everyone flying out of Indy! Indy Park Ride n Fly). Our bags were whisked out of the Mountie and onto the shuttle bus practically before we were out of the car! ha We made it to the airport, checked in with AirTran, and got through security quite quickly. Our flight departed on time and we actually arrived 20 minutes EARLY at LaGuardia! Yay!

We took a private car to the hotel from the airport. It's really not all that expensive, about the same cost as a cab in a big city like NYC. To say it was an interesting ride wouldn't begin to cover it, but that's the way it is. haha Jenna's phrase of the weekend was, "the official bird (like flipping the finger) of NY is honking your horn!" ha So true. It doesn't matter if traffic is moving or standing still, drivers feel an incessant need to honk their horns as if that will magically make traffic move faster. It doesn't. Oh well. :p

It was much to early to check in to the hotel, but we stored our luggage and then we were off and running in the Big Apple! :)

Friday consisted of lots of walking...thank goodness we stayed in Midtown because we were fairly close to everything! Still, our knees were killing us at the end of the trip. Back to the story...via pictures!

lunch at Carnegie Deli

Central Park

Time Warner Center/Columbus Circle

one of the Trump Towers/Columbus Circle

Carnegie Hall

our hotel - The Salisbury

anyone see a color trend?
she came with the tote & jacket, added the suitcase to the mix! ha


FAO Schwarz


my COACH purse! love it!!

All in all, Friday night we were worn out. Flying tends to do that to you! Or maybe it was all the walking. hmmm We crashed and worked out our attack plan for the next day...I should say Jenna worked out the plan! I was so tired I could barely focus on her questions. hahaha Oh wait, maybe that was sibling selective hearing?!? ;)

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