Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pumpkin Show

This year was the 106th Versailles Pumpkin Show...for those of you who don't know about's one of the largest and oldest festivals in Indiana. Everyone in the county (plus thousands of others) come out and enjoy the rides, food, shows, and parade! The parade is a "must-see" for locals and I can count on one hand the times I've missed in my lifetime. haha This year, I walked the parade with Odyssey Salon. Andy & Sara, owners, rode in the truck while the rest of us passed out goodies. We had tshirts, calendar magnets, whistles & toys for the kids, candy, massage & spray tan coupons, plus new client discount cards!!

And because we are a salon...of course, we had to showcase some talents! Enjoy the pictures...

Jaime (pink mohawk), Nicole (Amy Winehouse beehive), Zach (mohawk)

walking in the parade
the back of Nicole's was awesome!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good times in the Smokies!

Pictures as promised...

View of the mountains from Veteran's Overlook

Zach & I in the was his first time!

Wine boxes stacked in the truck after 2 of the 3 wineries...ha

Jenna & I before Dixie Stampede - my 3rd time, her 4th

The 3 Amigos in the tram up the mountain to play Hillbilly Golf

Mom, Jenna & I at Sleepy's after getting tipsy at Smokey Mountain Brewery!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gatlinburg Here We Come!!

In about 2 hours, my mom, my sister and myself will be headed to Lexington, KY to meet up with my cousin. From there we are headed to Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area!! We are sooooooooooo excited! haha

Hopefully everyone has a great weekend! I'll be sure to update with lots of pictures when I return!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Ascent into the Light!

Just minutes shy of 32 hours without power....our electricity came back on!!! Woohoo! ha Never in my life have I been so thankful for the one item we truly take for granted over any other! Do you know what it is like to wash your face in the dark? to go to the bathroom without light? to have to travel out to find something to eat? It's not fun!

Mom and I had gone for a drive, bought a portable dvd player (which of course needed charged, they don't actually have batteries), had dinner at the Grub Co...all to kill time...and when we got home were saddened to see that we still didn't have power. We sat around for awhile playing with Toby and discussing our upcoming trip to Gatlinburg. Mom had to let her dog, Midge, out to go potty one last time and I still had my laptop in the car, so we both were standing outside talking since it was lighter outside than in! We saw the REMC drive by and that was all we needed to get excited!! haha About 10-15 minutes later, we were headed back in the house and the lights came on! This made for some very happy people to say the least.

So once again I have power...the days really seemed to drag on with nothing to do but sit and stare into the darkness! The golf course is still closed due to the trees being down all over the course. I believe we'll be open for League tonight, but no official word yet, I know there is still a mess to clean up back on hole #4.

Here's a few pictures of some of the damage to the house and mom's work...

Monday, September 15, 2008

In the DARK

We have been without electricity for 22 1/2 hours and counting!!

Southeastern IN is seriously like a war zone...power out everywhere, may be 2-3 days before it is back on for everyone. The towns finally have power, but no one in the outlying areas. Trees, debris, buildings, etc are making yesterday and today challenging!

Who knew wind could do all this?!? We had VERY little rain yesterday and it looks like it could rain at anytime today, but I don't think we are supposed to get any.

I came into the salon to shower, finish mom's laundry (which was stuck half way through the cycle in the washing machine), check my email and charge my cell phone! haha I'm headed back home to the darkness here shortly. At least today there is food in town! Last night, mom and I did not have dinner because nothing was open in Osgood, Versailles or Madison. Apparently we should have driven north instead of south, but we are on Decatur County REMC and since we didn't have electricity, we assumed they didn't either!

It's gonna be a rough few days...but I'll keep in touch when I can!

Say prayers for everyone affected by the storms!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Fun

What a fun weekend!?! Here's a recap...ha

Had dinner at one of our favorite local places, The Grub Co., after a long day of work at the salon! I spray tanned my first people ever and can't wait to do more! (Sara bought a spray tan system for the salon and I'm the person who researched it and will mostly be doing all the spray tans.)

Jenna went with me to the salon early Saturday morning, where we met Jaime. I spray tanned both of them and then Jaime had the chance to practice by spraying me. It looked really great and has stayed pretty well! I think it'll get better as we get more practice, which I'm sure I'll get plenty of this week as I spray all the girls who work at the salon. haha I then had to go to work at the golf course for 7 hours. When I got home, mom and Jen were waiting on me to have dinner...meatloaf, homemade mac'n'cheese and mashed potatoes! yummy!!

Talk about a busy day...we had a big scramble at the golf course, so I worked from 7am-1pm. After work, I came home to change my clothes and the family piled into my car to head to the Shelbyville area to go to the Robertson's cookout. We got there about 3pm and had the opportunity to see our good friends! It was my first time meeting Rajean and Doug's little boy, Dallas...he is such a cutie! Momma and Poppa R are always very welcoming and it was fantastic to see them, Katie and Lisa! We enjoyed the pork chops Jim grilled and then had a seat at the PSO table with Joey Martin and his mom, as well as Matt Morris' parents. It was a really nice day, shared with friends and family under the shade of the trees! We made our way home several hours later and I was so tired, I kept falling asleep a little after needless to say, I finally went to bed around 10pm!

I woke up quite refreshed today after 10 hours of sleep! haha I guess I really needed it! :p Today is Mom's birthday, so Jenna and I treated her to breakfast at Crossroads this morning. I had to work from noon until closing time at the golf course. Mom and Toby took a nice long nap this afternoon, which I have proof of thanks to Jen sending me a picture via text! ha Tonight the family brought me dinner to the course and Toby got to tag along. He was having a blast running around to sniff everything. We were so proud of him because he went to potty outside in the grass for his first time ever!! He looked so cute in his new Colts bandanna that mamaw bought him at the State Fair.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday weekend!

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