Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pumpkin Show

This year was the 106th Versailles Pumpkin Show...for those of you who don't know about's one of the largest and oldest festivals in Indiana. Everyone in the county (plus thousands of others) come out and enjoy the rides, food, shows, and parade! The parade is a "must-see" for locals and I can count on one hand the times I've missed in my lifetime. haha This year, I walked the parade with Odyssey Salon. Andy & Sara, owners, rode in the truck while the rest of us passed out goodies. We had tshirts, calendar magnets, whistles & toys for the kids, candy, massage & spray tan coupons, plus new client discount cards!!

And because we are a salon...of course, we had to showcase some talents! Enjoy the pictures...

Jaime (pink mohawk), Nicole (Amy Winehouse beehive), Zach (mohawk)

walking in the parade
the back of Nicole's was awesome!


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  2. I love the hair-dos! Could you imagine doing that all the time?!?!



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