Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 235

If you'll remember from yesterday's post...I mentioned how stressful and chaotic today (and all 3 work days this week) would be. I am sad to say that it held true. Ugh! I was so relieved to get done with work, run a few errands, finish payroll for the excavating company and finally make my way home...in the drizzly rain. I got out of my car and was heading in the house when my cell phone fell out of my coat pocket (where I NEVER keep it). I've dropped it before, no big deal - I have an awesome case on it, but tonight...no tonight could not be the same as always. I reached down to pick it up and what do I find??

:( Sad face. Tears. Anger. GRRR!

This was SOOO not my day.

I ended up driving 20 minutes to the closest AT&T store (after calling to see if they had a phone I wanted). Luckily, there was a super sweet girl (shout out to Allison!) working and she called to see if she could get me an exclusive upgrade (which was $50 extra, but my upgrade wasn't due until the end of February)...and yay for me...I got it!! So instead of paying the no-commitment price (ouch ouch ouch that would have been expensive!), I paid the 2 year contract price. :) I ended up getting the Atrix 2, which is the new version of the phone I had. So far so good. I think I've got everything I really wanted/used downloaded on the new phone. We're back in business. Whew! That was a close call, folks. ha

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 234

A lazy, rainy Sunday....well kinda. It was rainy. I was feeling lazy. haha I did manage to cross quite a few things off my To Do list!

Since Jenna was home this weekend and we won't be at home for Thanksgiving, we had our version of a Thanksgiving meal! ha (we rarely ever eat turkey...not big fans) For starters, mom forgot to get the rolls out of the freezer to rise before she started making lunch. We tried to cheat and push the process around by turning my heater way up (think Jamaica, it was HOT) and close the door to my bedroom to contain the heat. It did help a little bit, but they certainly didn't rise the way they normally do! :p They still tasted yummy though. :)

I started packing for our trip...is it Wednesday yet?? I am so not prepared for the crazy 3 days ahead. Work has been extremely busy. We have so much product on the plant floor to be processed that it will take us through the beginning of December...and of course our customers are expecting it to be done by Thanksgiving...oh yeah and did I mention that our sister company will send a semi-trailer full of work each day as well? Oy. Lord, please help us. Tempers will be quick, stress will be high, and I will be working my tail off!

Day 233

Hello friends! Have you missed me? Oh...you didn't notice I'd been gone for a week? ha Okay. :p

Seriously, sorry for my absence for any of you that regularly read my gibberish. Between work, basketball games, Scentsy, and the fact that it is now dark at 5:30-6pm each night...I am just not finding enough energy to get everything done! My blogging lacked all week. I was reading all of your posts, but couldn't muster the energy to create any of my own. Sad, I know. You'll need to keep scrolling down on my page today because I have done a week's worth of posts in about an hour (or less)! I realize I left out some things that happened throughout the week, but once again I'm too lazy to go back and edit the posts...

Saturday was another day spent selling Scentsy at a local event. We held a Holiday Bazaar in Sunman and although there were numerous competing events that day, we had a decent turnout and I managed to sell some Scentsy and possibly have 2 new team members for the near future.

I got home earlier than I thought I would, so mom, Jen and I hopped back in the car and made our way to Florence (Kentucky, that is...ha) for some shopping. We stopped at Kohl's and I had what we call in our little WW group as a Non-Scale Victory (NSV)! I was able to buy jeans...real jeans, not the Lane Bryant kind...the first time in 21 years!! I am so excited to say that I bought Lee's bootcut jeans and not even the biggest size they carry! SCORE! :) After having stayed the same weight for the past month, it is a victory to go down a pant size (considering I didn't think that was possible). I bought 3 pairs and really, with just a few more pounds, could be down another size. Now that I can get excited about!! ha I just might learn to love shopping yet!! After years and years, almost my entire life, of being overweight...shopping is not a fun thing when you can never find anything *cute* that fits because you have to shop at plus-size only stores. Now I am able to shop at normal stores...well almost. Being able to buy things at Kohl's and other department stores is a step in the right direction!

Day 232

And so a chaotic weekend begins again... I got off work at my usual time and had a million (or so it always seems) errands to run. I took extra time to enjoy a pedicure after getting my nails done. Ahhhhh, so relaxing!

When I finally made it home, set to work on re-organizing my Scentsy shelves, repacking totes for another Scentsy booth, and having a few minutes to sit down before my sister got home! Jen and I met mom in town after she got off work for dinner at The Grub Co. Yum! Always good food...and always good company! ha

We spent the rest of the evening catching up and making some plans for our upcoming trip. And Toby made his way to his favorite spot - sleeping in the recliner on his Aunt Ninny. :) What a rotten baby! ha

Day 231

Thursday I was so excited that December's Warmer of the Month and Scent of the Month arrived!! (If you're on my customer mailing list - you'll be getting your SOTM club mailing this week! If you aren't on the list and want to be, email me at emenchhofer@yahoo.com with your address.) It's called Blizzard...and it is darling. I love that it's one you can have out ALL winter because it's not holiday themed, it's just pretty snowflakes. The new scent is called Comfort & Joy. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. It's a scent I'll warm here and there. :)

But I was dying to plug this one in and see it at it's finest...what do you think??

The snowflake cut-outs cast snowflake patterns on your walls...gorgeous!

Day 230

Some days my camera phone manages to take awesome pictures and Wednesday was one of those days. Harvest is winding down around this area and since our field (that we rent out to friends/local farmers) was one of the last to go. The guys left their 2 combines and a tractor with wagon in the field all week...this picture sums up my entire childhood. And kinda makes me wish I had someone to go ride in a combine with again! ha

Yes, the sky was really that blue. And those GREEN tractors are the best! :) Now that the fields are empty, it means winter is on it's way...ugh!

Day 229

I was draggin' all day on Tuesday! Might have had something to do with not getting home Monday night/Tuesday morning until 12:30am! :( I have a friend that always says, "you can sleep when you're dead." I felt like I was dying all week - haha - I have been in serious need of that oh so precious commodity, SLEEP. I tried to energize myself with 2 of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures...a Coca Cola (by the way, have you seen the ADORABLE white/silver polar bear cans they have right now?? LOVE it!) and a Little Debbie Nutty Bar. I seriously love those things. No lie. It's no wonder I have so much weight to lose! ha

Day 228

Monday was the start of a super crazy week...and the start of me not blogging for an entire week! What the heck!?! I'm going to play catch up, so hopefully some lucky (bored outta their mind soul) will read all the way down to this post! ha

Jenna and I went to the Purdue basketball game Monday night against High Point. And no, we had NO CLUE who the heck that team was until we got there and googled them. haha Don't ya love smart phones? Anyway, it was way too close of a game for any sort of comfort! The crowd was low in attendance, most likely due to the facts that a) it was a Monday night and b) we had to swim to get there! It poured our whole drive there and then of course it had been storming (they even had a tornado warning) in West LaLa that afternoon. Luckily, our Boilers came out on top! Now they have been in Puerto Rico playing...and again, narrowly winning. Hopefully these games give them some more time to work the kinks out! :)

sister fun at the game!

half-time game: Baketball Musical Chairs ;)

love my alma mater!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 227

I really should have napped today...instead, I let myself get roped into a million projects that although it feels good to have crossed 'em off the list, I am dead tired!

I slept in, but of course didn't go to bed until later, so it pretty much canceled each other out. ha I had a lazy morning sitting on the couch, working on newsletters for some Mary Kay directors that I still do design work for. Mom and I had homemade waffles for brunch. Then I finally showered and got ready for the day. ;) haha I had to go do payroll for the excavating company today because I won't be in town tomorrow night (which is when I normally do it). On my way home I had to snap this picture because it sums up what nearly every family in the area has done this weekend - deer hunting. I hope my cousin, Tom, gets a few because he always makes us jerky!! *drooling thinking about it*

I got home and decided it was time to unpack all the Scentsy totes and boxes that have been taking up space in the utility room. I have 1 more event (but it's a small one so can't take much inventory) this Saturday and then I'm pretty much done for the month. I really needed to get that done and it is nice having space back (until I repack boxes on Thursday or Friday! ha)

Then it was time to make some beer bread! This past week we got our Tastefully Simple order from the consultant who did the Holiday Open House with us at the end of October. I love that stuff! It's not good for my waistline, but it is worth it! ha

Toby helped me vacuum the house. Oh joy of joys. :p Have I mentioned before how much he HATES the vacuum? Poor little guy gets so worked up that I'm afraid he'll have a heart attack! It took him an hour to cool down. It's no wonder we let the house get so dirty before cleaning...it's quite the process with my lil helper hindrance! ha

This evening I've been working on 2 folders of information for my new Scentsy team members. I will be meeting with them this week to help them get started with a bang! I want them to be successful. :)

Tonight I also helped mom grind pork...she is making goetta. Yum. Yum. Yum. You should be jealous. And if you're not familiar with the Cincinnati-area fave, google it. ha

Alright, time to rest for awhile and then maybe I can get to bed a little early. Well, fingers crossed for that anyway!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 226

After driving back and forth to West Lafayette for the basketball game last night...I was EXHAUSTED. I have been running at full-speed ahead the past week or so and it's starting to catch up with me. I am definitely lacking sleep and can tell that I'm fighting off an illness. Hopefully I can get caught up tonight and tomorrow so I stay healthy!

Today I had another Scentsy booth at a local craft show. I was kinda worried about the sales until the last 2 hours when things picked up and I ended up about $100 from my month-end goal! I have 1 more show next Saturday, so I know that I'll make the goal. This week I have also been excited to welcome 2 new people to my Scentsy team! This business is amazing and I'm loving every second! :) While at the craft show today, the booth across from me was selling hand-made scarves and head wraps. I watched people try on the head wraps all day...and I kept debating whether or not I thought I could pull the look off. haha At the end of the day, I asked mom what she thought and she encouraged me to try on a black and gold one (Purdue colors, of course...ha). I decided I liked it so momma bought it for me as a stocking stuffer (that I just so happen to be allowed to wear until Christmas! ha).

Day 225

I did it...I chopped off several inches of hair! Well, I didn't do it, my cousin the salon owner did it. haha :) It feels weird having short hair again, but I am loving it so far!

My sister and I have season tickets to Purdue Men's Basketball...and we are SUPER excited about it! Friday night was the re-dedication of Mackey Arena which meant lots of past players and coaches were on hand to help celebrate. The Boilers gave a beat down to the Northern Illinois Huskies! :) It was a fun game to watch with my beloved alma mater coming away with a 96-34 win!

Friday, November 11, 2011

5QF - 11/11

We all know it's a special day - 11/11/11! Hope you're taking the time today to thank all those serving for our country! I know I am thankful for my grandfathers who served (and luckily came home to build the life I now know), for my cousin who is currently serving, and for all my friends/high school classmates who are serving and have served (some of whom gave the ultimate price for our freedom). Blessed to have such outstanding people in my life!

On a note, I have not had made time to exercise this week. I am happy to say that I've maintained my weight yet another week, but also frustrated that I am not losing anything! It's been way too long since I've successfully lost any significant amount of weight. Not sure how I'm going to get over this plateau, but I've got to figure it out...and SOON!

And now it's time for a little 5QF fun! Join us! :)

- - -

1. What's the last thing you spent too much money on?

I would probably say Christmas gifts! haha Technically the gift hasn't completely been paid for yet, but it's 13 days away and the money is sitting in my bank account waiting to be spent! :p I am taking my mom and sis on an expenses-paid trip to San Antonio for Thanksgiving. Flights have been paid for, hotel room is booked and money is there to pay for it, and there is money saved for food and souvenirs! Ready for this trip...especially since it flurried that icky white stuff snow last night.

2. What celeb chef would you want to make you dinner?

I would probably have to say Paula Deen. I mean, how does butter not make it betta? haha ;) I have had a meal at her restaurant, Lady and Sons, but I think she would be fun to hang out with!

3. Where do you hide things when visitors pop over or do you let them see the real deal?

Depends who it is that "pops" in, but usually they get the real deal. ha Who has time to throw things in a closet where you may or may not hide things? If it's someone who doesn't know me all that well, or I'm trying to impress, then I will try to tidy up a bit or just close off the room I don't want them to see!

4. Who is your oldest living family member?

If we're talking immediate family, then it would be my Grandma M. She's the only living grandparent I have and she's healthier than most half her age! She also does not know the meaning of the word relaxation. If we're talking all family members, it would probably be one of my great aunts or uncles. Some of them are in their 80's. I don't think we have anyone older than that in our family.

5. What is your favorite DQ treat and/or Sonic drink combo (i.e. cherry vanilla dr. pepper)?

My favorite DQ treat is without a doubt the Midnight Truffle blizzard. MMMMMMMMM Just thinking about that is making me want one and of course, our DQ is already closed for the season. :( Darn it. I'm not one for much on combo drinks, but I do love the Sonic slushies. Yum! My favorite is plain ol' strawberry. Boring, I know. haha

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 224

Where do I even begin on today's events? hmmm... It was cold. It was exhausting. It reiterated all the things I dislike about the company I work for (although it's a good company, they do some stupid things).

For starters, I am in charge of planning and carrying out the details for our company's Children's Christmas Party. The company is pretty great about giving back to it's workers. Any child and/or grandchild (ages 12 and under) of all employees is invited to see Santa, get a present, and have some snacks at a party just for them. Cool, right? Yeah, I thought so too. That is until I was put in charge and had to spend my whole work day (plus, 1 hour) shopping for said toys. ARGH! Do you know how hard it is to find toys for 121 kids???? Just try it. ha I am guessing you'll be as exhausted, impatient, and irritated as I was at the day's end! Each age range gets split into male and female. The same gift is bought for each child within that division. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find 20 identical gifts...at one store! After hitting up 2 Toys R Us stores, a Hobby Lobby, having lunch and making our way home...we are still NOT done. I am thankful my mom took a vacation day at her work to go with me!

a look at the back of the van...$50 of wrapping paper and over $2,000 worth of toys

Tonight after getting home a mere 11 hours after leaving this morning (ugh), I still had 2 more newly delivered Scentsy boxes to sort, label, and put away. My drawers of scent bars get so disheveled after each event, so tonight I made it a point to sort them the right way instead of just throwing them in the drawers. (yes, I'm OCD...deal with it! ha) My floor looked like a wax bar explosion! I am happy to say, everything is sorted and put away where it belongs...which means it is ready for Saturday. Yes, I have yet ANOTHER event.

And last but not least, some of you may remember (are you reading this, Missy, it's just for you!) that I talked about a "miracle" product that cleared up my terribly plaguing acne. I also mentioned that I may be allergic to it. I think it is safe to say that I am not allergic, but it will dry out your skin - EXTREMELY. I guess I should have paid attention to the detail that said to start out using it once a day and slowly build to twice a day. Whoops! ha I had to back off to using the cleanser once a day and I have not used the lotion since the weekend ended. I have decided to only use it if I see a breakout starting to appear. Note to all: remember that if you have oily skin, it is imperative for you to use moisturizer...and do not skimp!! If you do not give your skin the moisture it needs, it will produce more oil (oh joy, huh?) to make up for it. So without further ado (and no, I am not being paid for this endorsement, although if someone has a connection, I'd love to get Neutragena to throw me some benjamins! haha)......I give you my miracle products! Goodbye acne, I've lived without you for 6 days and that includes through Aunt Flo's monthly visit. PRAISE THE LORD! :)

Day 223

Wednesday, I thought I would have a slow day...but alas, that did not happen! ha

It was an extremely hectic day at work and then I had 4 Scentsy boxes waiting on me at home to unpack, label, sort, bag up for delivery, and pack for upcoming shows. Whew!

extremely windy day - bye, bye leaves!

 Toby was laying on my lap and not looking too happy about all the work to be done ;)

Day 222

Jeez...how did I get so far behind?!?

This week has been cRaZy!! I feel like I've been pulled a million different ways and that while it's been a bit on the nutty side, it's also been pretty darn fantastic! So stay tuned for the days I've missed. :)

Tuesday was a busy day. I worked per usual, but only until 1pm. I then took 3 hours off with remaining vacation time to give myself time to pack and set up for the Scentsy booth I was doing.  On my way home that afternoon, I had to smile because it was a true fall day...following a combine! Oh the life of a farming community. ha

Our county always has a yearly Taste of Home Cooking School event and it's HUGE. I mean, people literally stand in line waiting for the newspaper office to open the first day tickets go on sale. There were hoards (I couldn't make this up if I tried!) of people waiting for the doors to officially open at the event...they rushed in (think of Black Friday sale crowds)...grabbed their seats, goodie bags, and then came to visit those of us set up in the vendor market. I wasn't sure how it would go and I was quite happy when sales exceeded my hopes! Before I left the event, I got an email from a girl I met Sunday at the craft show...and she joined my Scentsy team! I am so excited to work with Amanda! We have a lot in common and she has the same relationship with her mom that I have with mine, so it's just another common ground. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 221

I have to first post this picture from last night...Toby ran out of the living room where we were sitting. He started barking and scratching, so I knew he was "hunting." He sometimes gets it in his head that there is something his big, bad killer self needs to kill. haha I've got a black plastic shelf sitting upside down in the kitchen (that I need to carry back upstairs). When I walked out to check on him...this is what I found!

On another note...I have yet another Scentsy vendor booth tomorrow night! Busy week, I know. ha It's for the Taste of Home Cooking Show. I'll be in the vendor market and hope that I get some sales! They usually have a sold-out 750 person crowd, but I know they haven't sold all the tickets yet. Hopefully that changes tomorrow night. Not sure why they picked Election Day as that may effect some people getting there early enough to shop in the Christmas Market. *keep your fingers crossed for me!*

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 220

You know it's been a good day when you've got stacks of orders to enter! :) Met lots of awesome people today!! So excited about where this business is taking me. The only problem with these days is that I'm totally exhausted from loading the vehicle, unloading the vehicle, lugging everything into the location, setting it up, standing all day talking to customers, tearing it down, lugging everything out of the location, loading the vehicle, and then unloading the vehicle once home. Doesn't it make you tired just reading about it?? haha

On another note, I've been testing a new face wash and moisturizer. It cleared up my acne in 2 washes!! I couldn't believe it...I've even been much less shiny during the day (ugh to having oily skin!). Today I noticed that one side of my mouth seems to be itchy and swollen. I'm really, really hoping it's not from this new product, but experience tells me it probably is...I'm gonna give it a day or two and see where we stand. Then maybe I'll reveal this miracle product! haha :p

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 219

Today definitely had it's bad moments...but it had a few good ones too.

I woke up with a migraine. Oh yeah, and did I mention that was 15 minutes BEFORE my alarm was set to go off? Argh. :( I took some medicine and decided to hang out on the couch for awhile to see if I felt better. Not even 30 minutes after being up, my lil baby Toby had a seizure. It breaks my heart every time. I'm in the process of trying to decide what we're going to do until the vet thinks it's time for Toby to be on meds for the seizures. The one this morning was one of the worst he's ever had...and then he had a repeat performance this evening. I know it scares him. I just hold him and massage his little catatonic body while I try to talk to him in a soothing tone. My poor wittle baby. *sigh*

my baby sleeping after his first seizure today

I jammed to some Christmas tunes on Pandora while Toby snuggled with me

The good part of the day was that I had a Scentsy party at my longtime friend's home. Bridget and I go way back. We did baton twirling together in elementary school and have been friends ever since! ha It was a great party and she walked away with lots of half price and free items! :) One of the best parts of the party was watching Bridget's daughter, Sara, with our friend Sarah's son, Caden. They played so well together and were great helpers for me! Aren't they the cutest? haha

Don't forget to change your clocks tonight! I'm going to bed here very soon so I can get the benefit of that EXTRA hour of sleep! ha I'm gonna need it...another craft show booth tomorrow!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 218

Well today really wasn't that interesting, but I think I managed to take some fun pictures to showcase my day! Enjoy :)

spent breakfast time reading the newest issue of Gold & Black Illustrated (Boiler Up!)

got stuck in town waiting on a train after work

a view from inside my car...inside the car wash! haha

dinner with mom at the famed Storie's Restaurant - seriously the breaded tenderloins are as big as the plate and they serve the best homemade pies!

dusk as we were driving down our road after dinner & grocery shopping

Now it's time for another busy, Scent-ified weekend! I've got events Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully some rest in there somewhere (my right knee keeps giving out on me tonight) and most definitely some exercise (despite the pain of the knee).

5QF - 11/4

First Friday of November...holy smokes! Did you know...there are 51 days left until Christmas?? :) haha...I do enjoy Thanksgiving, but will not be home this year for the holiday. I am taking my family (mom & sis), plus our cousin Z is coming along on a trip to San Antonio, TX. 20 Days away!!! I can't freakin' wait!! I've been to Dallas a few times, but this will be my first trip to SA. We're all pretty excited about it.

Anyway...today's weigh-in...*drumroll* I lost 0 pounds! ARGH! GRRRRRRRRRRRR...okay, now that I got some of the frustration out. I've been working out and really trying to watch what I eat. The bad part is that I have so many daily points that I feel like I have to eat and eat and eat to consume those points. I really thought I would lose this week. I feel so stuck...3 weeks of being back on the exercise wagon and I haven't lost an ounce. How does that happen? I am definitely not making my next deadline goal.

I hope you'll play along with this week's 5QF! I, once again, contributed one of the questions!

- - -

1. Which movie do you love to quote?

I can't say that I've ever been a big movie quote-type of person; however, having said that...there is one quite inappropriate movie that a few of my close friends and family love to quote with me. Have you ever seen Friday? How about Next Friday? Or maybe even Friday After Next? If you haven't...you simply must. It's raunchy, bad acting fabulosity! Yes, I said it. haha Just check it out. "Don't nobody go in there for 'bout 35 to 45 minutes. Somebody open up a window." bahahahaha

2. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

Yes, I have. It's been a long time. My dad used to have one and he'd take us for rides when we were growing up. My secret wish (guess it's no so secret anymore!) is to lose enough weight to comfortably snuggle up behind some cute guy and go for a ride. ;)

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Seeing as how today was a miserably rainy day - I can safely say that anything NOT involving work and exercise would be great! Tonight I am enjoying two of my favorite things...sitting on the couch, drinking a glass of wine. All I need is to be reading a book on my tablet and it would be perfect!

4. Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts or one really big (expensive) gift?

That is a tough question. There are times when I really love getting lots of small, thoughtful gifts. My mom does a great job at stuffing our stockings with the little things we like - gum, pens, scratch-off lottery tickets, etc. It's always fun unearthing everything she has stuffed in there. On the other hand, I am often the one that has only ONE lonely item on my wish list....and you guessed it, it's usually expensive! I just feel if I'm going to ask for anything, I'd prefer everyone to chip in on one item I really truly want rather than lots of little gifts I'll forget I got in a few months.

5. Do you ever lose track of days and show up somewhere wrong?

I have never shown up somewhere on the wrong day or wrong time. I'm pretty good at keeping track of events. (must be part of my OCD, organizational-nut self) There are days that I wake up and think it's another day, until I get moving...and realize what day it really is! ha

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 217

"..rain, rain go away...come again another day..." OR NOT

This rain has got to go! Gray rainy days really don't do much for your motivation. I sat at my desk working today and all I saw was rain, harder rain...repeat. haha

My bedroom was pretty chilly this evening when I got home, so I turned on the heater and Toby made himself right at home. (per usual!) Then he started rolling around. He cracks me up. I tried to get it switched to video, but didn't do it fast enough. So instead you get a blurry in motion picture of my lil bug!

I forced myself to get on the treadmill tonight to complete W3D3 of C25K. I'm always much happier when it's done! :) I am hoping for a loss tomorrow morning when I get on the scales! *fingers crossed*


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