Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 122

This morning I made a trip back to Wal-Mart in order to buy some more storage containers. My Scentsy shelves are now organized and my little "shop" is ready for business! :) So if you need anything or want to come over and check stuff out, let me know!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 121

Today was a continuation of my birthday celebration...and is coincidentally the birthday of my dear friend, Rajean! :) Happy Birthday Jean!

We had a lazy morning hanging out at Jen's apartment and then met our friend, Jessica, for lunch at the new place in Broad Ripple called 10-01. It's supposed to be comfort food with a twist. We all enjoyed our meal though the food was a little bland. They definitely aren't serving it up with any spices! ha (That's saying a lot from me because I NEVER add salt or pepper to my food. Like NEVER EVER.) We ran a few errands afterwards and then went back to Jen's place. Mom and I eventually made our way south, stopped for groceries, and came home. I did some organizing of my Scentsy shelves tonight, more to do tomorrow after I make a trip back to Wal-Mart for more containers! ha I then went upstairs to the storage room and dug through all my old containers from my Indy apartment days to sort through what I would take with me (hoping to move back to Indy within the next month or so) when I move in with my sissy. :)

Tonight we decided to go sit on the deck and enjoy the evening. Toby got to run around the yard and pee a million times. He sure loves to go in the grass! haha (guess it's the little things in life when you are a house dog & normally use a puppy pad) The humidity finally dropped after we'd been outside for about a half hour! I can't believe it was so stinkin' hot at 9:45pm.

Well, I'm off to bed! Excited to sleep in my own bed tonight and NOT on the couch! :)

Day 120 - Happy Birthday to Me!

My Golden Birthday (29 on the 29th) was Friday! It was a low key day, but it was just the way I like it. I have never been a huge birthday celebrating person. I think because my birthday is in the summer and always used to fall during our county fair, we just never had time to celebrate it with a big party. Not to say I NEVER got a birthday party, I did! ha

I started my day by getting up early to exercise (as always) before getting ready for work. I worked my normal Friday shift of 7am-11am. (Did I mention I love that schedule? ha) Ran some errands, had lunch at the house (cereal...exciting! I know you're jealous!), changed clothes (had a meeting here in Indy), and then when mom got home we headed north to Indy! We ran some errands around the city and then hung out at Jenna's apartment until she got home after work & a haircut. Oh yeah, we may have started the party at about 3:30pm. It's okay on your birthday, right? ;)

For my birthday dinner, I chose Boogie Burger. I know, not really high class, but trust's yummy! Mom, Jenna, and I met up with my PSO Michigan (that's an FFA thing for you non-FFA'ers) buddy, Noelle! It was soooo good to see her! After a long sit down, chatty meal...we then had dessert at BRICS. It was exactly what I wanted. :)

We didn't have room for birthday cake last night, but as you can sister did a great job! (Had a piece for breakfast this morning!) We got the recipe from Liz over at Two Maids a Milking.

Friday, July 29, 2011

WW Update

My first weight loss goal deadline is today! I wanted to lose 50 pounds by my 29th Birthday. The morning came, I weighed in....I lost 2.8 pounds this week!! Unfortunately, I did not make my goal, but I came sooooo close! I have officially lost 47.8 pounds since the middle of January (about a week and a half over 6 months time!). I am very excited about that loss and feel great as I head into the next 6 months and hopefully another 50 pounds of weight loss. :)

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement! It felt great yesterday when 2 ladies I work with cornered me (yes, they really did kinda run up to me and block me from everyone else) to tell me that they could notice a big difference in my body and they wanted to know how much I lost and congratulate me! How sweet are they? :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 119

Well today was a much better day! I originally planned to get my nails done tomorrow (it's been 2 weeks...ha) and enjoy a little birthday pampering, BUT plans changed and I had to go tonight.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 118 & Warmer Wednesday

Okay, be warned...this is gonna be a hodge podge post, but it has been a fuh-reakin' CRAZY day! Seriously. Oi. Where to start?

First of all, each Wednesday Scentsy posts a "Warmer of the Day" on Facebook. I am going to start sharing that here every Wednesday. Today is was the Over the Moon warmer, which is a midsize. It's super cute! There are 3 in this series that would be completely adorable in any baby/toddler's room. You can check out prices and more pictures on my website at

Then at work, I had to fill the pop machine (my LEAST favorite job of all). When I was filling the machine, one of the Mt. Dew cans decided to spew, not just trickle out of the can or one spray but explode, all over the place. It ended up all over the inside of the pop machine, all over me, all over the floor, and all over the fridge which is across from it. Ugh. I had a wet shirt and pants for almost 3 hours. I was not happy. NOT HAPPY. I don't even drink pop out of the machine, or rarely ever, so I was cussin' a blue streak! Then at lunch, I dropped some of the marinara from my meal on my shirt. Really? I mean...REALLY?!? I was so ready for the day to be over! Argh.

The first thing I did when I got home was go check the trap our cousin Tom placed at the corner of the house. We have some sort of critter attempting to burrow under the house (in the corner where mom's bedroom is) and mom thinks it is a badger. We haven't fully seen it, so hoping that it decides to walk into the trap! haha This is an ongoing process for the past few weeks. Good times I tell ya! ha

Tonight I get home from work, change my clothes so I can workout like I normally do...when Toby, my sweet little 3.5 pound teacup yorkie, decided to start throwing up. The second time this week. Only this time, he started falling over afterwards, his legs seized up and he couldn't walk. Then he started violently shaking and tremoring. So we call my vet, who is not answering the phone and doesn't have an emergency number on the phone message. We then call a good family friend who is a vet, and has seen Toby once before, and they tell me to come over and they'll fit me in! Toby and I load up and practically fly to Doc Kraushar's clinic. We get there and he is acting just fine. Of course!?! After a thorough checkup and some bloodwork that they processed at the clinic, we are assuming that Toby had a slight seizure. All his actions point to epilepsy. *sigh* I'm really hoping it was a fluke. Doc thinks that we should watch Toby for the next month and as long as he doesn't have any other "episodes" that there is no need for any further action, i.e. meds. He said for some dogs between the ages of 3-6, they can experience 1 seizure a year. Frightening, but livable. Time will tell what happens...

sorry, stupid picture won't flip in the upload, but it's saved the correct way on my computer!

So that was my day in a nutshell. How ya like them apples? hahaha I'm delirious. It's been a long day. I didn't get my evening workout in, so I'm even more irritable. Yowzers.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 117

This is not a very good picture (just had it done, skin is all red AND I haven't washed off the soothing gel), but I am so glad that tonight I finally made time to go get my eyebrows waxed. Trust me, it was not pretty! As you might remember from reading on a 5QF, I do NOT pluck. Ugh. A girl at my cousin's salon does the best job. She is really good at pretty much any waxing. I often times just let whoever is available or whoever is cutting my hair (several of the girls that work there are my friends, so I kinda bounce around...especially since I worked there for a year as the receptionist), but in all honesty, Nicole does the best job. SHHHHH! Don't tell anyone I said that! haha ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 116

Today's picture is one of sadness. My sister sent this to me...

Her Scentsy warmer must have hit the floor (carpet) JUST right in order for it to break like that! I have dropped, fumbled, and jostled several of my warmers around and never broken any. *knock on wood* Total fluke. Now she has to wait until Friday when I go to Indy to take her a replacement. Lucky for her, I have the same one sitting on my shelf...waiting to be sold! ha

It's been a crazy day. Lots of possible changes on the horizon for my future. I will keep you posted if & when anything finalizes! ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 115

Today was a super duper lazy day! I so should have been doing stuff, but that was a major fail. ha Oh well.

Toby must have been feeling the laziness too (or maybe he started it!) and slept pretty much all day...either on Jen or me or mom. Rough life he has, huh?

Mom grilled steaks, red potatoes, and fresh corn on the cob for lunch. The grill sits outside my door, so he felt he needed to sit and wait. hahaha

This afternoon I took a nap, which I almost NEVER do. I must have needed it! After I woke up, Toby joined me on the couch and I guess it was his turn to nap. He was completely sacked out. I wish I could sleep as much as him. :)

Hope y'all stayed cool today and got to take it easy!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 114

Days like today just reiterate why I am blessed with the life I am living! Do you ever have those days?

1. My dog let me sleep in. He NEVER does that. Toby feels that if he is awake, everyone else should be as well. Mom got up and went to work and Toby went back to sleep. I was glad to wake up on my own rather than to him scratching and crying at my bedroom door. haha

2. I attended my first company picnic this afternoon. Mom went with me and Jen opted to stay home in the air conditioning. We had a great catered lunch by one of our favorite places, chatted with lots of friends who work at both companies (the one where I work & our sister company), and I had fun calling the Bingo games! They sure take their bingo seriously...haha...they kinda blind-sighted me as a newbie, but I'm one up on them! I'm not afraid of a microphone or a rowdy crowd! ;)

3. Had dinner at one of our favorite local places, Storie's Restaurant, which is known statewide for their big tenderloin sandwiches. Yum!

4. I got to go to the movie theater to watch the final Harry Potter movie! I love going to see movies when they come out, but rarely have anyone to go with, so it was nice. Plus, our family has seen all the HP movies in the theater (I know, we're dorks) and this one was especially good. It was a nice ending to the series!

Mom trying to figure out how to fold up my new sun shade before going to the movie! ha

5. Came home to check my Scentsy site and found that I had met my goal!! Yes, you read that right 69 days (I had 70 to my start period), I beat my $5,000 sales goal by $2.88 and I still have one whole day to go! :) :) :) I am super pumped. I love this company and all the products. Now it's time to fill my books with parties. So if you are willing to have me into your home to host a party (I will travel!) or would be interested in collecting orders as a book/online party and getting lots of FREE Scentsy...let me know and we'll get it set up! I love helping people earn free product. ;)

 Toby helping his Aunt Nenners pick out a few new Scentsy scents!

6. My twitter has been blowing up today thanks to a few friends! One is an old friend who has recently become a new friend (did ya catch that? ha) and the other is a lady I met at Bastille Day who is now in love with Scentsy! Pretty cool way that technology lets us interact.

All in all, it was a fun day. Despite the heat, we are enjoying the end of this month. I kind of splurged today on points and plan to again tomorrow. I have hit a weight loss plateau and on the advice of several WW pals, I am "shocking" my body with some extras that I don't allow myself to have (I NEVER cheat) in hopes that I'll drop that last 5 pounds this week. Keep your fingers crossed! ha I have 6 days until my birthday which means 6 days to hit my 1st goal. I WILL DO IT!

Hope you're enjoying your hot weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 113

Just got home from running an errand in town with Toby. He's much like a baby would be...a little prep makes trip go better...but the fact remains that he LOVES to go for rides in his bag. He's a good lil fella when he wants to be! Haha :)
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5QF - 7/22

I can't believe the month is almost over! Holy smokes! Things have been busy, busy, busy and I feel so behind. This week has definitely been a concerted effort to get back on top of my game! ha

Kind of disappointed that I didn't lose any weight this week...I stayed EXACTLY the same as last week. Hoping to fast track it this upcoming week to get down those last 5 pounds to hit my first goal by my birthday! Wish me luck! ha :p

This week I actually contributed one of the questions for Five Question Friday! Woohoo! I hope you'll join in all the never know what the questions will be from week to week! :)

- - -

1. If your husband had the BIG V and you got pregnant, what would your first reaction be? For the dudes, what would your first reaction be if your wife told you she was pregnant after the Big V?

I would be utterly, completely SHOCKED! That would be a surreal situation and one I hope to never find myself in...ha

2. Best memory about this summer so far.

My favorite memory so far would be our vacation to Cozumel. I soooooooooooooooo wish I were back on the beach...soaking up some sun, snorkeling, enjoying lots of good food! That trip was so much fun! Just this morning I was thinking about how it's been 2 weeks since we got back and it feels like it was a lifetime ago. Can we hit the pause button?

3. How often do you change your sheets? Your kids' sheets?

No kids, so that's not an issue for me. I try, repeat TRY, to change my sheets every other week. Honestly, I don't always get it done. I feel like we are always doing laundry around here during the week and by the weekend, I never seem to be home long enough to get any extra loads (like sheets) done. There's not much better than falling asleep on clean sheets...speaking of which...I think I'll throw my sheets in the washer when I get home from work in an hour! ha

4. Having just gone through TSA, would you rather have a full-body scan or a pat-down?

I don't know why everyone is in an uproar over this. It's a freakin' scanner...DEAL. WITH. IT. Walk through and be on your merry way! I've flown internationally and had to be chemical wand tested and yes, even once my shoes set off the scanner (cause did you know the US is the only place you have to take your shoes off?) and I had a pat-down. Not the most exciting moment of my life (more like dying of embarrassment!); however, it wasn't exactly intrusive. I've learned that people aren't happy unless they are complaining.

5. Since it's fair time...what's your favorite fair (county or state) memory?

Goodness! I've had so many memorable moments at both, county & state, fairs that it is almost impossible to pick just one! In fairness, just to pick one...I guess I'd have to say all the times we showed our sheep. I always got such a rush being in the show ring and really do miss it! My sister and I wracked up quite a few purple ribbons in our days. There were countless hours spent in the fair barns waiting around for shows, sleepless nights spent running around the fairground with our friends, lots of not-good-for-you but oh-so-good fair food, and most importantly...lifelong friendships formed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 112

I love coming home to Scentsy boxes! It is always fun to organize stuff on my shelves & package orders for delivery! :) I am getting super close to my goal, but still need help before Sunday evening! Only $150 remains! So PLEASE help if you can. (feel free to pass it on to others!)

Now its time to head to the fair in this crazy 100 degree weather for some dinner. Ugh.
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Thankful Thursday's been a few weeks since I've linked up with Rebecca for Thankful Thursday! It is so hard to get back into the swing of things after vacation. haha

I am thankful it's Thursday, which means payday!

I'm thankful that the weekend is upon us...and my sis will be home...we are all going out to eat and probably to see Harry Potter at the theater.

I am thankful for the extra income my Scentsy business is providing me would you like an extra $300+ a month?! Next month will be more than double that! Woohoo! (also, I'm only $200 away from my goal...PLEASE, I am not too proud to beg for the last orders to help me reach this goal! ha

I am thankful for all the friends who have been giving us loads of zucchini! We are definitely enjoying it. I prefer it grilled (great with chicken and mushrooms! yum), but we've also been making zucchini bread (double yum!).

I'm thankful for air conditioning in this sweltering heat wave!

And....I'm thankful for great friends & family, even the ones I don't get to see very often! Random text conversations, long phone calls, hysterical emails, and dinners full of laughter. Life is good. ;)

What are YOU thankful for today?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 111

Nothing much exciting today...I figured I would post a picture of myself. Maybe you can use it to scare away any mice you have in your house?!? haha

I'm keeping cool by staying in the house tonight. We'll be back to the fair the next 2 nights though. :)

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been a few weeks since I've linked up with the blog hops...but here goes nothin'!

I'm loving WW and the lifestyle change I've made!

I'm loving fair time.

I'm loving my Scentsy business...the wonderful friends I've made and the people who support me as my customers! (by the way - I'm only $260 from my goal on 7/24 so PLEASE help! haha

I'm loving that we're to the halfway point of the week.

I'm loving that I got a XM discount card in the mail this week, so I'll be adding that back to my car!

And as always....I'm loving my life! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 110

It's county fair time around the state of Indiana...and it's one of my favorite times of the year. (the other being fall) Tonight was our first night venturing to the fair and it was a HOT one. haha One thing that is different about this fair is that I am watching what I eat! Pretty sure that I've never spoken those words before about fair food!?! ;) It's amazes me that with WW, it truly is a lifestyle change. I got to enjoy a corndog, a pork burger sandwich, and strawberry ice cream. Yum! I'm still within my points for the day.

It was fun walking around and seeing old friends. As always, we "judged" the animals as we walked through the barns. haha You can take the kid out of 4-H, but can't take 4-H out of the kid!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 109

Millions of peaches...peaches for me...millions of peaches!

I took today's picture and immediately it had me thinking of the song Peaches. Do you remember it? I'm sure you do.

I have always loved peaches, the food, not the song. :p Some neighbors of ours buy a semi load of Georgia peaches every year and sell it at their house as a road-side stand. mmmm...they are soooooooo good! Last night we stopped by and got a few pounds (this is what remains after we cut up about half last night), but will probably stop by later this week for some more. The peaches are so sweet you don't even need to add any sugar when you slice them. Yum. I am definitely enjoying this week's dessert!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 108

Today has been a quiet day...enjoyed Sonic for lunch, which was a real treat! I love their strawberry slush! MMMM!

We also bought another shelving unit so I could expand my Scentsy stock. I'll post a picture later this week after the rest of my stock has arrived and everything is organized. :)

I also did 4 miles on the treadmill today! It felt AWESOME! I planned to do my usual 2-3.1, but once I hit those marks, I just kept groovin' right along. My iPod was rockin' out and honestly, it was a great way to clear my head after yesterday's events. A good workout always rights my world.

My goal is to be down 50 pounds by my 29th birthday. My birthday will be here on the 29th (yay! it's my golden birthday) and I still have 5 pounds to lose. Definitely gotta buckle down this week and next week, despite it being fair time. haha I will, without a doubt, be making this goal!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 107

I had planned to send y'all a much different picture tonight, but my evening didn't really go as planned. I believe the appropriate quote here would be "if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." He must be rolling on the floor laughing right now. Oh well. I am amazingly okay with it...all thanks to a divine moment I had shortly after the disappointment and I'm sure God planned it that way. Thanks big guy! :) Since I didn't have the dinner I was supposed to have, after I bought groceries I stopped at a drive-thru for a bite to eat. I used my Scentsy pay card (how we get our commission money) and the cashier was thrilled! Her old consultant quit returning her calls (she lives in Oregon). I pulled out my business card, which I never do cause I'm a big chicken, gave it to the cashier & told her I'd gladly help her if she needs anything. Score 1 for Erin!

At least my night wasn't a total bust. Boys still suck though. Hahaha :p
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Days 105 & 106

I'm playing a bit of catch up tonight...I seem to keep running out of hours of the day to accomplish everything! ha So here goes nothin'!

WW - I weighed in per usual this morning (even though I weighed in Monday morning to see where I stood after vacay) and I had lost 5 pounds! Of course, I am still .8 pounds up from where I was BEFORE I left for vacation, but I'm glad the weight came right back off. I probably would have lost more, but my right heel is ripped open from an attack of the poolside lounge chairs! hahaha Sad, huh? The only shoes I can wear that doesn't aggravate the wound is flip-flops...which I'm NOT allowed to wear to work (due to the factory) and it's very sore to wear tennis shoes as well. I ran on the treadmill one night this week and my heel was not pretty when I got done, so I gave it up this week and just did ab workouts to try to get my heel healed. So far, that is not working. Argh!

Thursday, mom and I both took a half day off work. I did my very first craft show/festival booth for Scentsy. I was worried at the beginning because no one was buying!! Things picked up though and I ended up having a great night. I signed up for next year's event as well. :) If you live near Indy, I suggest you check out Fortville's Bastille Day celebration. It was pretty cool. (Bastille Day is the National French can check out their website here) The organizers were very pleased with this year's bigger turnout and expect it to be even better next year. *side note: I am now about $700 away from meeting my Scentsy goal for the starter period...please, if you need anything or know someone who does, send them my way! Thank you!!

Today I was dragging a bit because we didn't get home until 11:30pm last night and of course, I still got up early to workout, weigh in, and then get ready for work by 7am! I am so thankful Fridays are only 4 hour days for me. hahaha It made the morning a little better to step out of the house at 6:45am and see this beautiful scene!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 104

Sorry for the lousy car window picture, but I always tell myself I'll remember to take a picture of the pretty flowers at work...and then promptly forget! Haha The blooms aren't open in the morning when I get to work (& think about the pic).
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Days 94-100 & Cozumel

Kind of a misnomer to say "and Cozumel" because those days were ALL spent in our glorious tropical paradise! haha I am sad to be back, but glad at the same time. I am really missing being a beach bum, snorkeling, and eating breakfast with a view of the ocean....however, I love sleeping in my own bed! haha

Suffice it to say, we had a BLAST! No way will I ever do a big trip like that again without going all inclusive. It made the trip that much better because we didn't have to worry about paying for our meals or drinks (which could get quite expensive!). The staff was amazing (as was expected at a 4-star resort) and by the end of the week there, several of them knew us well and took good care of us.

A few of my highlights: tanning in the Mexican sun, reading my Kindle under the tiki hut on the beach, snorkeling, saw a barracuda twice (tried to get a picture the last day but no luck!), saw a spotted sting ray, got stung by little jelly fish (they actually moved the buoy lines around the "safe" snorkeling area in due to several people getting stung), hung out at all 3 resort bars, ate lots of yummy Mexican cuisine, laughed a lot during the 3 karaoke nights, and in general...relaxed!

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story :)


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