Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 110

It's county fair time around the state of Indiana...and it's one of my favorite times of the year. (the other being fall) Tonight was our first night venturing to the fair and it was a HOT one. haha One thing that is different about this fair is that I am watching what I eat! Pretty sure that I've never spoken those words before about fair food!?! ;) It's amazes me that with WW, it truly is a lifestyle change. I got to enjoy a corndog, a pork burger sandwich, and strawberry ice cream. Yum! I'm still within my points for the day.

It was fun walking around and seeing old friends. As always, we "judged" the animals as we walked through the barns. haha You can take the kid out of 4-H, but can't take 4-H out of the kid!!


  1. I have to laugh about your 4-H comment!! I entered a couple things in the local fair here and called my mom when I got my results. (TWO first places by the way!) and made sure she realized it wasn't like 4-H where all deserving people get a blue ribbon... :) Ahh, I miss 4-H... and FFA...

  2. hahahaha...a few years ago I entered in the Open Class projects at our fair as well. The same people pretty much win every year so I've not done it since, but maybe one day I will try again!



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