Thursday, October 28, 2010

My car is here!

Is it bad that I just wanna get in the car and drive, drive, drive? haha After many incidents and changes in what I was supposed to be getting (as far as color, etc)....I now have a car I am VERY happy with! I love it!

I went to Florence, left my Mountaineer with them, and drove my beautiful new 2011 Chevy Cruze 1LT home! After I got home, mom and I took a spin. She went with me when I test drove the car, but had to sit in the backseat so the salesman could ride along. When we got home from our drive, my cousin Monica was at my neighbor's so she stopped in to see it as well. :) It's pretty exciting stuff! ha

So without further's a few pics!

it's Imperial Blue Metallic exterior

Titanium interior
back seat might not look roomy, but it is plenty of space! don't totally have seats situated yet...ha

the magic panel!
OnStar, XM Radio, Remote Start, Rear Parking Assist, Automatic with Manual Option (it's got tons of awesome features I am already LOVING!)

it's even got a big trunk! I just put 3 rubbermaid totes back there so I can go help my cousin move into his new home

Friday, October 22, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blogging...I've been waiting ALL week to update this thing with some exciting news (for me anyway!), but I'm still WAITING. Argh. Did I mention my patience is running low this week? ha

Last Sunday I bought a BRAND NEW CAR! Woohoo! It is my first NEW car. Only problem's on a truck somewhere in the United States...and that means it is not parked in my driveway. !!?!?!

They told me it would be in at the first of the week...... and yet here I am still waiting! I'm hoping that I hear some news today. If not, they are gonna hear from me...and I will not be as nice as I've been the past few calls. I am past the point of understanding.

You'll have to wait to hear all about the car and all the options (which is one of the reasons I'm STILL waiting)! I love it and can't wait to have it to drive!!! I traded in the Mountaineer, which has been a fabulous vehicle the past 7 years. It was just time to get something more fuel efficient and something that doesn't need repaired every other week. Seriously.

So, stay tuned for pictures! I'm so's like a new toy at Christmas with no batteries! I need it now! hahaha

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Road Rally & a Hayride

This past Saturday, I had earned a Road Rally with our National Mary Kay area. Each fall our National Sales Director does this...and it is awesome! This year the trip was around Southeastern IN. Now, I know...that can't sound real exciting, especially since I live here and have been to some of the places...but it really was a blast! :)

Mom was my guest and we had a caravan with my director, Vonda, and some of the other unit members. There was lots of laughter! We had specific directions to get to each house...along with a list of pictures to take at each place. It was sort of like a scavenger hunt. haha It was awesome to see the homes of some of my favorite Mary Kay ladies, who are not only mentors, but great friends.

First stop, we had to meet Linda just south of Vernon, at the Muscatatuck County Park, to get our directions for the day.

Next up, the home of Senior Sales Director Terri Jessup. We even stopped in the cleanest shop in America! haha Terri's husband Jim owns an engines/transmissions business.

We then had lunch at Terri & Jim's lake, which is the soon to be location of their new home.

Next up was a visit to the town of Vernon. We had to stop by the town square to see the courthouse and take pictures. We were disappointed to see that one of our favorite signs had been removed (within the past 2 weeks)...the missing sign used to say, "Do Not Talk To Inmates" which is the reason for the sign you do see! ha

We hopped back in the cars and headed for Future Executive Senior Sales Director Sheila Schuler's home in North Vernon. (Sheila is Vonda's lifelong best friend.)

Sheila's home is right next to her dad's one of the directions was to get a picture with Rev. Rudd! He is a character, but such an honorable man of God.

Next we ventured to Columbus to check out the meeting space for some of the Toupin Directors at an awesome place called Company PINK. One of the director's dad's gutted the place (wish you could see before pics!) and turned it into what you now see. Gorgeous!

From Company PINK, we drove to the other side of Columbus to visit the home of Sales Director Chatney Gelfius. Chatney is world famous in Mary Kay (I'm not joking, she is an amazing lady!). Mom told me not to get any ideas when I saw the hand-made storage center her dad built for her office. Maybe one day I'll talk mom into building me something like that! ha

On the way out of town, we drove by Chatney's husband's family farm...they mainly grow tomatoes for Red Gold, but run a diverse grain operation.

Then we traveled back through good ol' Greensburg. Of course Linda sent them to see the tree growing out of the top of the courthouse, but since I see this on a weekly basis, you don't get a picture. haha You'll have to google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's really not news to those of us who live here. :p

And finally, we made it back to wonderful Ripley County! The day ended with dinner and fun at the home of Sales Director Kim Schwering's home. (I've known Kim my entire life and she has her unit meetings with us, so we're all one big happy family.)

There was cornhole and hayrides to keep everyone entertained. My favorite part of the night was definitely our sunset hayride! We took Chatney's kids on the ride with us....and well....a straw fight ensued! ha ;) Good thing mom and dad thought it was funny because we all laughed so much we cried on the ride and the kids (plus, Vonda and Sheila) were covered in straw!

how could you be upset at these sweet faces?

A great day with my MK sisters! Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jumping Back on the Bandwagon

Well it's been far too long since I exercised on a regular back on the bandwagon I go!

I restarted the C25K program again. It felt SOOOO good to run again tonight! I still amaze myself. haha I have never been a runner...until this program. I really do enjoy it!

Toby "helped" me exercise. haha He usually gets in my way, but tonight he did a good job of staying out of my path and just watching me, but of course running around to keep up. I thought he'd be really worn out tonight, but he seems to be energized as well! He's been running around playing fetch with his squeaky bone. :p

Today I got back results from my Wellness screening/blood work for my insurance at work. It was a free service provided that would possibly lower my insurance. Most of my results were in the normal range. A few things need to be taken care of, but hopefully getting back into the groove with exercise and watching what I eat (for about 2 months I just ate whatever I wanted...bad, bad, bad! ha) like I have been for the past few weeks...and I should be able to control the other issues. I'm sure if I were smart I'd give the results to my doctor, but I'll check in with him when I get my flu shot (also free thanks to work) and see what he says before I give him the full analysis!

Hope everyone enjoyed their manic Monday! ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Follies

And another weekend comes to a is it that time away from work always go so fast?! ha So, on to the details of my fun weekend!

The day began nice and early...on a chilly fall day. We loaded up in the Ranger Crew to head to Jennings County for the ATV/Ranger Poker Run benefiting Joy for Giving (charity that provides Christmas to families who wouldn't otherwise have anything). By we, I mean...myself, my cousin Zach, my Aunt Roni, my Uncle Kevin, and my Grandma Menchhofer. We voted to make the ride there and back on the ranger instead of hauling it there. While it was fun to see the countryside, it was also more than a little cool. haha The ride took us a little over an hour for a 40 mile trip. We then enjoyed a nearly 70 mile scenic drive around Jennings County for the poker run. The main sponsor, the Harmon Group (they build steel frame buildings), was awesome and we had a blast! Between all the sponsors and participants, over $7,000 was raised for Joy for Giving! :) Definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday! The ride went from St. Joe's Catholic Church in Hayden, to Commiskey Country Mart in Commiskey, to Butlerville Grocery in Butlerville, to St. Anne's Golf Course on the outskirts of North Vernon, back to St. Joe's. After riding 70 miles on the run, we then enjoyed another 40 mile ride home. Yes, we did drive around in the rain. Thank goodness for a canopy top and a windshield! I don't know why people would spend money on a ranger and not get any amenities! :p The poor people riding ATVs were drenched. We managed to get by with only a little dampness. ;) I'm ready for the next ride...just hope it will be warmer!

vehicles waiting to join the lineup

rangers & atvs in a row for about 2 miles!

everyone drawing cards for their poker hand

waiting to head off on the next leg of the trip

drying off at St. Anne's for a few minutes

Today we had a fun treat! My employer, Best Metal Finishing (BMF), and our sister company, Ohio Rod Products (ORP) treated all the employees and their families to a day at the Great American Ballpark to watch the Reds beat the Brewers! We had tickets for the Riverboat Deck which is in center field. The day included a buffet lunch and free drinks (pop & alcohol). It was so much fun! It had been a LONG time since we'd been to a baseball game. I think the last game I'd been to was a Cubs game in the 8th grade. haha And the last Reds game I attended, I believe I was in the 3rd grade.... The game was immensely more exciting than I remember baseball being, which was a good thing! :) It was fun to see the last regular season game and enjoy a day with most of our co-workers and family members. It's pretty awesome to work for such a great company!

our view of the field

mom, me, Jen

Mr. Redlegs

the Reds were on fire!

great way to watch the game

fireworks to celebrate a win! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fast Friday

Not much to post today...this week has flown by and I can't believe it's already Friday! Not to mention...where did September go? Here we are enjoying the first fabulous fall day of OCTOBER!

This week was pretty crazy at work...I experienced my first ISO Audit. And after a oh so lovely 10 hour training course yesterday in Seymour, I am OSHA certified. Boy my job keeps getting better. hahaha ;)

I'm ready for the weekend...tonight Jenna will be home and we're having a family dinner at The Grub. Saturday after I drop my vehicle off for new tires (ouch on the checkbook), mom is dropping me off at my cousin's. I will be spending the day on an ATV/Ranger Poker Run. I'm so excited! I LOVE riding the ranger and this will be my first all day trip! :) Sunday will also be an exciting August my company (Best Metal Finishing) and our sister company (Ohio Rod Products) had one of our best months ever, so the company is treating everyone to a Reds game! Woohoo! We were all allowed to invite our families to attend as well, so mom and Jenna get to go with me. We have Riverboat Deck watch for us on tv! ha It should be a good time...and not to worry, my camera will be with me all weekend, so I'll get pictuers and updates posted after my fun-filled weekend.

If you have any free time, hop on over to check out a few new blogger buddies this week. Welcome, Hayley and Natasha! Hayley has been a friend ever since I was a State FFA Officer...I spent lots of time up in her neck of the woods and she is adorable. And my dear friend, Natasha, has been a great friend since my Senior year of High School...I don't think my year would have been as memorable or as easy of an adjustment to a new school without her.

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