Friday, October 22, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blogging...I've been waiting ALL week to update this thing with some exciting news (for me anyway!), but I'm still WAITING. Argh. Did I mention my patience is running low this week? ha

Last Sunday I bought a BRAND NEW CAR! Woohoo! It is my first NEW car. Only problem's on a truck somewhere in the United States...and that means it is not parked in my driveway. !!?!?!

They told me it would be in at the first of the week...... and yet here I am still waiting! I'm hoping that I hear some news today. If not, they are gonna hear from me...and I will not be as nice as I've been the past few calls. I am past the point of understanding.

You'll have to wait to hear all about the car and all the options (which is one of the reasons I'm STILL waiting)! I love it and can't wait to have it to drive!!! I traded in the Mountaineer, which has been a fabulous vehicle the past 7 years. It was just time to get something more fuel efficient and something that doesn't need repaired every other week. Seriously.

So, stay tuned for pictures! I'm so's like a new toy at Christmas with no batteries! I need it now! hahaha

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