Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Road Rally & a Hayride

This past Saturday, I had earned a Road Rally with our National Mary Kay area. Each fall our National Sales Director does this...and it is awesome! This year the trip was around Southeastern IN. Now, I know...that can't sound real exciting, especially since I live here and have been to some of the places...but it really was a blast! :)

Mom was my guest and we had a caravan with my director, Vonda, and some of the other unit members. There was lots of laughter! We had specific directions to get to each house...along with a list of pictures to take at each place. It was sort of like a scavenger hunt. haha It was awesome to see the homes of some of my favorite Mary Kay ladies, who are not only mentors, but great friends.

First stop, we had to meet Linda just south of Vernon, at the Muscatatuck County Park, to get our directions for the day.

Next up, the home of Senior Sales Director Terri Jessup. We even stopped in the cleanest shop in America! haha Terri's husband Jim owns an engines/transmissions business.

We then had lunch at Terri & Jim's lake, which is the soon to be location of their new home.

Next up was a visit to the town of Vernon. We had to stop by the town square to see the courthouse and take pictures. We were disappointed to see that one of our favorite signs had been removed (within the past 2 weeks)...the missing sign used to say, "Do Not Talk To Inmates" which is the reason for the sign you do see! ha

We hopped back in the cars and headed for Future Executive Senior Sales Director Sheila Schuler's home in North Vernon. (Sheila is Vonda's lifelong best friend.)

Sheila's home is right next to her dad's house....so one of the directions was to get a picture with Rev. Rudd! He is a character, but such an honorable man of God.

Next we ventured to Columbus to check out the meeting space for some of the Toupin Directors at an awesome place called Company PINK. One of the director's dad's gutted the place (wish you could see before pics!) and turned it into what you now see. Gorgeous!

From Company PINK, we drove to the other side of Columbus to visit the home of Sales Director Chatney Gelfius. Chatney is world famous in Mary Kay (I'm not joking, she is an amazing lady!). Mom told me not to get any ideas when I saw the hand-made storage center her dad built for her office. Maybe one day I'll talk mom into building me something like that! ha

On the way out of town, we drove by Chatney's husband's family farm...they mainly grow tomatoes for Red Gold, but run a diverse grain operation.

Then we traveled back through good ol' Greensburg. Of course Linda sent them to see the tree growing out of the top of the courthouse, but since I see this on a weekly basis, you don't get a picture. haha You'll have to google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's really not news to those of us who live here. :p

And finally, we made it back to wonderful Ripley County! The day ended with dinner and fun at the home of Sales Director Kim Schwering's home. (I've known Kim my entire life and she has her unit meetings with us, so we're all one big happy family.)

There was cornhole and hayrides to keep everyone entertained. My favorite part of the night was definitely our sunset hayride! We took Chatney's kids on the ride with us....and well....a straw fight ensued! ha ;) Good thing mom and dad thought it was funny because we all laughed so much we cried on the ride and the kids (plus, Vonda and Sheila) were covered in straw!

how could you be upset at these sweet faces?

A great day with my MK sisters! Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

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