Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Another Day

Today was a typical day in the life and times of Erin! ha I only work three days a week so on Tuesdays and Thursdays I am at home with my lil ankle biter, Toby. Today he was particularly troublesome. haha Every Thursday I clean everywhere he roams! (that area is growing weekly) He gets crated and of course he whines for awhile, but then settles down and I get my work done. As I mentioned before, he's learning new feats every day! Today's assignment was learning how to climb onton mommy's loveseat, which he is NOT allowed to do!! So it was a constant struggle to discourage this new behavior. We've also been working on getting him adjusted to wearing a collar. Toby likes to run from my room, through the kitchen and into the living room where mamaw hangs out....thus needing a method to determine where my sneakster is at all times! We got him the smallest cat collar (still had to add a notch) with a bell. He doesn't like his jingle collar. ha Actually, he generally pouts when it is on...tonight he has been doing much better with it. He has been playing all evening and now he is running amuck in the living room! So now that I have a few free moments while mamaw is watching little Tobers, I have a few new pictures and a video! Sorry the lighting is so bad on the video, but if you make the slightest movement he quits playing and walks over to you! haha

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Baby, Toby

This is an introduction to my adorable little baby, Toby! He was born December 12, 2007 and at 9 weeks old, he only weighed 1/2 pound!! I have been his proud mommy for 4 weeks...boy how time flies! He has grown so much in the past month. Not only has he grown physically (taller, longer and I think he's added a little weight), he is also developing mentally.

Toby is quite adept at getting wherever he wants to be in the house! He climbs up and down the 2 steps into my room and he also jumps the wood shelf used as a puppy gate in the living room. Yorkies are notariously bright dogs, but I never knew they were so nosy! ha Toby is convinced that he needs to be in the midst of everything happening. I have begun calling him "Tagalong Toby" because he is my shadow, as well as my mom's (his mamaw). Mornings are especially trying as we rush around the house trying to get ready for the day...he feels he needs to be part of every step I take...mamaw usually does a good job of keeping him at bay while I get a shower and get dressed, but after that he is on my heels. He is perfectly content to just sit and watch me while I do my makeup and blowdry my hair. He loves to take naps, but then again he is a puppy and as vet on tv said, puppies play hard and sleep hard! He does both with excellence! haha Toby successfully uses his puppy pads. We've also noticed that sometimes he pees just a little several times in a row to try to get more treats (small pieces of pup-peroni sticks). He is a little snuggle bunny and loves to curl up in your arms or at your feet and take a nap. Our first few nights with him were trying at best...waking up just as much as a newborn, if not more! I am happy to report that he now sleeps about 7-8 hours a night. He is a morning pup, but so is his mommy, so it works out okay!

He has a few toys that he particularly likes...a purple squeaky lambskin bone, a green dentafloss nylon bone, water bottles, a rubber chew ring, a sock and most recently, a plastic lid! Of course the cheaper the toy, the more he seems to like it. ha

Next week I take him for his second set of shots at the vet's office. He has done quite well with travel so far, so I think it'll go well. He likes sitting in his bag and looking out the windows the best he can! The longest trip he's made thus far was to Indy this past weekend to see my sister, his Aunt Jenna. She adores him and spoils him rotten (like letting him sleep on her bed!). He doesn't even do too bad with baths! Toby doesn't necessarily like being bathed, but he's so funny to watch while I blowdry him and even more adorable (if that's possible) afterwards when he's all fluffy!

Overall my little baby is growing like a weed! I can't believe how much his personality continues to develop. Enjoy the pictures I've posted here, there are many many many more on Facebook and Myspace! He is such a cutie, we just can't help but take pictures! haha

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dawning of a New Era

Well it seems that it is time for another new adventure via the tech world! I have many friends who have ventured into the blogging world so I suppose it is my turn as well...not that I have much to write worth reading (no marriage or baby as the rest of my friends), but I do have a new puppy and I think that is as much reason to blog as any! haha

I am addicted to the internet (as my family knows). I can't help has allowed me to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where I've roamed or what I'm doing...Facebook, Myspace and now Blogger.

This short little intro blog will have to suffice as it is American Idol night and I have much to learn on here before the real fun can begin! Stay tuned for more craziness! ha

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