Friday, May 29, 2009

Toby's First Professional Haircut of '09

Toby went to see Lila on Tuesday to get his hair cut! Boy oh boy did he need it!! haha He was a woolly little thing...there had to be enough hair on him for another dog! Now he's looking cute again. We can see those expressive eyes! And are they ever rotten!?! ;)

Here's his before and after pics...

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'll have lots to share on Monday...our State FFA Officer team is having a reunion on Sunday and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT!! I love and miss Rajean, Karissa, Kim, Liza, Kyle, and Justin so much! It's strange to think there are 3 married couples and 4 babies just 9 years after being elected...haha...this will be fun! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

It was the usual around, work, work...with a little bit of family time thrown in for good measure! Thursday night Zach got into town, so he brought lil Miss Callie out to see me for a few minutes at the golf course. Friday night Mom and I went to the "campground" at Sara & Andy's for a cook-out and some relaxation. We had fun! (as always! haha) Saturday we both had to work, but Jenna came home to spend some time with us. Sunday I once again had to work. Mom and Jenna played taps for the local VFW's Memorial Day cemetery rounds. If you wanna see it, you can check out a video Jen posted on Facebook. ;) Today we all had time off, but managed to clean the kitchen! This included moving mom's VERY heavy china hutch. haha We even took the cabinet pulls off every single drawer and cabinet and gave them a good scrub. (We live in my grandparent's old house...everything is circa 1970's we estimated today!) Mom, Jenna, and I went out to eat at Acapulco's in Greensburg tonight before Jen headed back to Indy. Then I headed over to visit with Pete & Karissa for awhile...I JUST missed Gab! :( It was night night time for her! So, I have yet to meet the lil Aussie gal, but looking forward to it! It rained quite a bit much so that our driveway has once again washed away! ARGH! There's always a rainbow at the end though....

Enough's some pics of the weekend! :) [reverse order]

the rainbow at the end of the rain

the end of our driveway

the flood known as our driveway

Zach grillin some yummy food Friday night

Ethan cheesing for the camera (love this kid!!)

Callie and I hanging out (I have some cute cousins!!)

Miss Smiley at the golf course with her Uncle Zach

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Digital or Paperback?

I'm having a dilemma! I am an avid reader...I always have been. Over the years my family (and myself) have purchased enough books to stock an entire library. Now that I work at the golf course, I seem to have an abundance of time to read...which leads me to my problem! Books are quite expensive these days. I am always hunting for good deals and I trade books with my cousin, Monica, quite a bit so that helps. Also, I will be traveling internationally this year and have been considering how much space all the books I would need to take to occupy my flight time would take up!?! :p

Does anyone have a Kindle or a digital book reader? I think I would like the Kindle, but they are a little pricey. The digital books range in price, but they seem to be pretty average in terms of price compared to a paperback book. I have an iTouch and there are reader applications for it, but I would have to wipe out my music in order to have room to store the books for the, the battery life is not so great. With the Kindle you are supposed to be able to read for 2 weeks if you have the wireless connection turned off.

Opinions appreciated!! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Rainy Day Blues

I'm beginning to think the rain may never end around here...we could definitely use a break at the golf course! We are hosting a big tournament this weekend and have MANY outside projects to finish, none of which are possible with the current weather. Argh!

On a side note, Toby and I have had a pretty productive day so far. I slept in, until 8:30! Woohoo! haha Wow, isn't that sad?!? I'm thrilled about getting to stay in bed until 8 or 8:30. Must be a sign of the times! ;) After a quick bite to eat for breakfast, Toby "helped" me sweep the entire first floor of the house. I started in my bedroom, worked my way up the stairs into the kitchen, down the hallway into the bathroom, and back through the hallway to the living room. Oh...did I mention how much Toby LOVES the vacuum? NOT! ha He barked and jumped and carried on the entire time. Good thing his momma is used to it and kept on working despite the nuisance.

I really need to dust as well, but have yet to get motivated for that undertaking. :p Toby is worn out from all our sweeping, so he's been snuggled with me. This dog sure can sleep! haha (granted, it's pretty much the only time he's good...)

I am officially getting old! Last night I was reading the Osgood Journal and briefly glanced through the "x Years Ago" column that they include each week. I normally do it because mom never fails to ask, "did you see so and so in the 10/30/50 years ago?" I did not expect to see MY name printed under 10 Years Ago...1999!!! Holy smokes! Am I really old enough to be making the paper for the looking back through the years segment?? haha Guess so! In 1999, I was a Junior at Jac-Cen-Del...I'd been elected to a FFA Officer position that was not the one I wanted due to being blackballed by our "lovely" Advisor (which was ultimately THE last straw that caused me to change high schools, it's a long story that I won't bore you with!). My good friend, Anne Burns, and I were also about to receive our Hoosier FFA Degrees at State Convention in another month. I messaged Anne last night about us making the was a good laugh! :) Now I am officially prepared to see my name in the paper as the years go on...I made the paper many times after my Junior Year, so the Looking Back Column may become a favorite source of laughter! haha

Alright, I better get a move on! I need to do some more cleaning, even though I don't want to... Then I have to get cleaned up so mom and I can go to Greensburg tonight. We're both feeling a little stir crazy I guess, so dinner out and picking up a few supplies for the golf course is the mission of the evening!

Hope everyone stays dry! ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm in need of book suggestions! I am an avid reader and always in need of a good book for the long hours at the golf course. haha I most recently read the entire Jen Lancaster series, even her newest book "Pretty in Plaid." They were great! Nothing like a good laugh while you read! :)

I'm a fan of ALL types of books. Over the winter I read Jackie Collins' series on Lucky Santangelo. GREAT books if anyone likes romantic dramas with a twist of mystery due to the mob connections. ha

- - -

I hope all the moms out there had a great day yesterday! Mom and I went to Crossroads for breakfast and then I had to go to work, so later in the day she brought Toby down to the golf course for awhile. It was a pretty quiet day, but at least the sun was out! She got her gift about a month ago. She needed to replace her cordless drill and ended up finding a whole set she liked! Jenna and I decided we'd get that for her since that's what she wanted. Toby got his mamaw a new cell phone a few weeks ago as his gift for Mother's Day. haha ;)

- - -

Back to another work week. I had my last employee start yesterday at the course. So, there will be plenty of training going on the next few weeks! Hopefully everyone will get into a routine soon....I'm tired of filling in all the open spots! argh. :p

Enjoy the week! It's off to a rainy start, but the rest of the week should be dry and sunny!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Use Somebody

Argh! I have song lyrics STUCK in my head!! For the past week, I cannot seem to listen to Use Somebody by Kings of Leon enough times. It's ridiculous! :p

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Other than that, it's just another rainy day here! Golf course is closed again. LOTS of stuff happening there, so hopefully the weather straightens out and we don't get as much as rain as they are currently predicting. (rain through Saturday at least) :(

Today was my day off, but as usual, just because it's my day off from actual working at the golf course, it's not really a day of rest! ha I had to go to the office for a few hours and managed to get quite a bit done. I should have been doing laundry today, but of course that didn't get done! Maybe later tonight...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Management SUCKS

I just LOVE waking up to a text an hour before my alarm is supposed to go off (on my day off) to tell me that the employee who is supposed to work all day at the golf course is "sick." WTF!?! I guess if she's really sick she shouldn't have texted me last night to ask if it was going to rain or not today!!!!!! duh. I have to go to work, although as you can tell, I'm not in a hurry AT ALL. I had a million other things to do today, including writing said employee's paycheck. I think her hours are about to get severely cut as our new employee starts next week. Revenge is a b****.

Word to the wise...don't piss off your manager. Especially when they bend over backwards to help you out on a weekly basis.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

All in a Day's Work

I am the multi-tasking queen. Seriously.

It's truly a wonder I don't have ADD, but it's no surprise I'm a bit OCD with all my multi-tasking skills! ha I have friends who are always asking how I manage all that seems to constantly be on my plate and I am baffled at their inability to organize & prioritize their schedule. I guess I've always been BUSY, so I don't know anything else!

I took a look at all I did in just 30 minutes today and had to laugh. Especially since I've been reading a book, a memoir, by a Purdue grad. If you haven't read Jen Lancaster's book series, I suggest it for some chuckles!
-call employees to work out weekly schedule
-call boss to discuss weather and carts on the course
-text Jenny (an employee) about change for the cash register
-text my cousin about cell phones
-send email to golf course members about postponing an event
-call mom at work to tell her my schedule for the day
-entertain Toby while on the phone so he doesn't bark
-check my Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogspot, Linked In
-search flights and hotels for my Australia trip
-type an itinerary for aforementioned "once in a lifetime" trip
-doing all those things while watching The Fairly Oddparents on that show! ha

Really. How does the world function without internet, cell phones, and television? My life is consumed with the internet and my Blackberry (aka the "crackberry"). Is there a point when one multi-tasks TOO much? Bah! Surely not. Well probably.

I'm just doomed to be an internet junky with a texting affliction.

Maybe if this country town weren't full of immature boys I grew up with, watching them eat paste and try to gross us out.....I'd have a social life. Hmph. (and yes, I am missing the big city life. and no, I do not anticipate moving back there for another year or two...job security is my main concern at this point in time.)

Many thoughts to ponder! :p

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