Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

It was the usual around, work, work...with a little bit of family time thrown in for good measure! Thursday night Zach got into town, so he brought lil Miss Callie out to see me for a few minutes at the golf course. Friday night Mom and I went to the "campground" at Sara & Andy's for a cook-out and some relaxation. We had fun! (as always! haha) Saturday we both had to work, but Jenna came home to spend some time with us. Sunday I once again had to work. Mom and Jenna played taps for the local VFW's Memorial Day cemetery rounds. If you wanna see it, you can check out a video Jen posted on Facebook. ;) Today we all had time off, but managed to clean the kitchen! This included moving mom's VERY heavy china hutch. haha We even took the cabinet pulls off every single drawer and cabinet and gave them a good scrub. (We live in my grandparent's old house...everything is circa 1970's we estimated today!) Mom, Jenna, and I went out to eat at Acapulco's in Greensburg tonight before Jen headed back to Indy. Then I headed over to visit with Pete & Karissa for awhile...I JUST missed Gab! :( It was night night time for her! So, I have yet to meet the lil Aussie gal, but looking forward to it! It rained quite a bit much so that our driveway has once again washed away! ARGH! There's always a rainbow at the end though....

Enough's some pics of the weekend! :) [reverse order]

the rainbow at the end of the rain

the end of our driveway

the flood known as our driveway

Zach grillin some yummy food Friday night

Ethan cheesing for the camera (love this kid!!)

Callie and I hanging out (I have some cute cousins!!)

Miss Smiley at the golf course with her Uncle Zach

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