Thursday, May 14, 2009

Digital or Paperback?

I'm having a dilemma! I am an avid reader...I always have been. Over the years my family (and myself) have purchased enough books to stock an entire library. Now that I work at the golf course, I seem to have an abundance of time to read...which leads me to my problem! Books are quite expensive these days. I am always hunting for good deals and I trade books with my cousin, Monica, quite a bit so that helps. Also, I will be traveling internationally this year and have been considering how much space all the books I would need to take to occupy my flight time would take up!?! :p

Does anyone have a Kindle or a digital book reader? I think I would like the Kindle, but they are a little pricey. The digital books range in price, but they seem to be pretty average in terms of price compared to a paperback book. I have an iTouch and there are reader applications for it, but I would have to wipe out my music in order to have room to store the books for the, the battery life is not so great. With the Kindle you are supposed to be able to read for 2 weeks if you have the wireless connection turned off.

Opinions appreciated!! :)


  1. I, like you, love to read! :) I do have a few questions for ya.
    1. Where are you going, and how long will you be going for?
    2. How big is the screen on our digital jobbie? Because I know with my overseas adventures, they serve you dinner, then it is lights out basically until you land (the darker the plane, the longer folks sleep). So, if your screen is little, your eyes might begin to hurt.

    **Just a random side note.. your word verification phrase is the last name of my first boyfriend! :)

  2. Thanks Missy!

    1. I'm going to Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong...will be gone for 4 weeks.
    2. The screen on the version that just came out is 6" and the one coming out this summer is 9".

    This is my first true international trip, so any other pointers from a world traveler such as yourself would be greatly appreciated! :)

    **That's funny about the verification!



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