Tuesday, January 29, 2013

95 Days!

Yes, my friends...the countdown has been on for awhile now. ha It was so exciting to hit double digits a few days ago when we made it to the 99 day mark. I think Eric believed it would never get here! ;)

We have been keeping VERY busy. As always. I know. ha Same story, different day.

An update on some of our recent wedding accomplishments:
- bought Emma & Jordan's junior bridesmaid dresses (there was a sale at David's Bridal & the dress I wanted for Jordy was being discontinued, so we HAD to go! ha)
- bought all the bridesmaid jewelry & shoes (thanks to Jen for driving all over Indy with us to pick it all out)
- bought my wedding shoes (already had my jewelry)
- bought my bridal shower shoes & jewelry (had ordered my dress online the week before)
- solved our cake topper dilemma & went somewhat traditional, but are using our non-traditional items for the head table
- started looking at wedding bands online & think we know what we want, probably gonna do that this next month
- meeting with our cake lady this upcoming weekend! (hoping that our vision will be clear...haha)
- emailing the ideas/inspiration for the invites, rsvp cards & program to our fab designer, Jenn and anxiously awaiting the first draft
- ordered the bridal shower invites & thank you cards, just waiting on them to arrive so they can be mailed out
- ordered the favors for the reception (and have them safely stored in one of the MANY tubs in mom's living room!)
- washed & stored all the jars for our table decorations (and stored them in the tubs)

It's coming right along. I know it'll be here pretty soon. It's just a short 3 months away! For the most part, we are set on everything. Our last big purchase is the wedding bands. Everything else is scheduled, just need to finalize a few things...like food! Hoping to meet with the caterer soon. Their granddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia at just 1 month old, so haven't really pushed them about "business" stuff when family is so much more important.

We still need to figure out where we are going to spend our wedding night. The local inn that we wanted to stay at is closed according to their Facebook page. So, we've been searching and think we may have found another great (and private) place to go for our first night as man & wife. :) Probably will try to go check it out at some point in the next month and get it booked if we like it.

I never believed I would be one of those girls that had wedding nightmares. I have read plenty of blogs and have numerous friends who have shared some of their "funny" (to me) stories about nightmares they'd had in the months proceeding their weddings. Now that I am to that point, I guess the fears (sometimes unrealistic) come out while I sleep! The other week I dreamt that it was 2 hours before the wedding and our tent company still hadn't set up the ceremony chairs or the tent for the reception. hahaha Yowza. I was luckily able to laugh about it when I woke up, but I remember the intense feeling of dread and anxiety I had during the dream when it was NOT going as planned. Hopefully no more of that nonsense!

In other news - today marked the first day of the girls not attending public school. I said what??!? Haven't had much time to log on and blog about that decision, but suffice it to say that the girls have been struggling majorly in school and as an alum of two great schools, I have to say that it is apparent the school doesn't want or care to offer their students the help they truly need. The sad thing is...the girls are very bright, and we're hoping this is the answer. They are now "attending" the online public school here in IN. It's all done over the web, but they have access to real teachers and get graded just like in school. They have to complete so many hours a day as well. We're really hoping this works because they have been warned that they have this semester to improve their grades or else they are going back to a traditional public school, wherever that may be.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

So Much To Update

Good intentions never get me anywhere! ha

Well, once again I feel like I am so far behind. I do my best to keep updated on reading everyone's blogs, but I never seem to find time to post anything on mine!

We've been busy busy busy with wedding plans. We are officially 104 days away from our I Do's! :) This weekend Jenna came home and worked on Bridal Shower stuff. She kept mom busy helping her get some decorations ready for the shower...and for the wedding! So glad they agreed to take that on because it was many hours worth of work! ;)

We have tubs stacked up in the living room full of wedding supplies - our toasting glasses, cake knife/server, my jewelry, the cake topper, beer cups, decorations, etc. One of the tubs is stored in my Scentsy room (aka the utility/laundry room). My dress and Eric's suit are tucked away in closets. Mom's also got the garters hid for safe keeping. haha It's a surprise for Eric! (Hi hunny!!)

In other news, I'm back on the healthy eating and exercising bandwagon. I am having more trouble than before with tracking my daily points! Ugh. I think it's because so much other stuff is going on in life that I find it hard to take the few minutes needed each day to sit down and make plans for food and/or record what I've eaten. I am not going to give up. I want to feel my best on our big day! That's some serious motivation. :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

An Update on our "I Do's"

Well, I do believe it's been a week since I said I would post an update on our upcoming nuptials...and I have surely passed the deadline I had set for myself to do such. haha So here goes nothing!

I do believe I stole this checklist from a couple lovely bloggers!


Set a Date: 5/4/13
Book venue: Crossroads Restaurant
Book photographer: Jean’s Boots Photography
Book band/DJ: K’Rox DJ Services
Ask bridal party to be in wedding
Book caterer: Crossroads Restaurant
Book bartenders: Mike & Bonnie Raney
Create wedding website
Register: Target, BedBath&Beyond, Carson’s, Wal-Mart
Book florist
Shop for wedding dress
Book rentals: Negangard’s Party Rentals
Take engagement pictures
Select bridesmaid dresses
Make sure bridesmaid dresses have been ordered
Select groom & best man attire
Find veil: not wearing one
Book cake baker: A Piece of Cake
Hire coordinator
Buy cake knife & server
Order Save-The-Dates
Send Save-The-Dates
Book officiant
Pre-marital counseling
Bachelorette Party
Order guest book
Finalize guest list
Engagement announcement in local newspapers
MOB & MOG dress shopping
Find wedding shoes
Find wedding jewelry
Order garter
Book makeup artist: Jerri Lynn Hedges
Book hair stylist: Odyssey Salon
Menu tasting
Take bridal portraits / hair & makeup trial
1st dress fitting
2nd dress fitting
Make ceremony programs
Figure out where we’re getting ready
Order invitations: In Munchkinland Designs
Address invitations
Mail invitations
Book rehearsal dinner venue
Buy rehearsal dinner dress
Buy bridal party gifts
Buy gifts for parents
Bridal shower: 3/3/13
Purchase wedding bands
Create wedding day timeline
Put together picture list for photographer
DIY signs for ceremony & reception
Create wedding favors
Get marriage license
Book honeymoon
Rehearsal dinner invitations
Rehearsal dinner: 5/3/12
Final vendor payments
Music selections to DJ: 2 weeks before wedding
Music selections on iPod for ceremony
Book wedding night hotel room
Order thank you notes: In Munchkinland Designs
Wedding announcement in local newspapers
Walk down the aisle & say I do!

As you can see, we've managed to accomplish quite a bit. Of course, we are officially 117 (and counting) away from the Big Day and there is still much to be done! We have our tent, tables, chairs and linens booked. I have filled out the "beer and wine" permit, we just have to get the 2 required signatures and pay the fee. The lovely Jenn (who also did our Save The Date card and is doing all our stationery) is working on the bridal shower invite and my new recipe cards! Yay!! So excited about all the upcoming activities. 

Next month we'll buy Emma & Jordan's bridesmaid dresses. We had to wait because those 2 are growing like weeds and if we'd gotten them in October when we bought Jen's MOH dress, the girls probably wouldn't fit into them now. Crazy!?! We bought Eric's suit. He originally wanted to do a tux, but since his Best Man already has a suit, we figured we'd just bite the bullet and spend the money on a suit since he doesn't have one. We found the ties - champagne for Eric and a dark purple for Mitch. I really need to get after a few florists that I contacted about quotes. 

We don't need a mega amount of flowers, but I'm considering buying a bulk bunch from Sam's Club (they had the ones I want on their site a few months ago, so I need to recheck) and doing them ourselves since nothing is really all that complicated. I bought my wedding jewelry and am just waiting on it to arrive! Also purchased the garters and they have arrived (one to keep, one to toss). ha Etsy was a great place to find the perfect pieces to compliment the wedding. :)

We will be meeting with the cake lady and the caterer this month to finalize the food plans. Nothing too outrageous or difficult to decide. Oh, except our cake topper! Goodness sakes. I can't begin to tell you how many hundreds, possibly thousands, of cake toppers we've looked at online...and nothing fits us. We have a couple options in mind for right now, but I don't want to ruin what could be fun and unique, so I guess you'll have to wait. ;) hahaha

Other than that...I'm on a mission to lose the weight I've gained since I bought my wedding dress. UGH! Let's just say it isn't pretty right now. Tomorrow morning is weigh in after my first week back on the healthy eating/exercising band wagon!

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