Monday, March 30, 2009

This made me laugh

What would basketball season be without a few good commercials? I just saw this on one of my favorite blogs, Boiled Sports, and had to share!

As BS blog mentioned, Bobby sure has gotten a lot of fame from throwing those stupid chairs! I personally can't stand Coach Knight, but that may be because I grew up in a BLACK & GOLD home! haha ;)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who are we?

Who are who are who are WE?

We are we are JCD!!


Our town is about as proud as it gets! There have been red and blue balloons on every street sign and lamp post in town for the past several weeks. There are signs and banners on every lawn and business...

Eagles, Wild Things, Gray Skies

Good Luck Jac-Cen-Del Eagles! The boys are playing the for STATE 1A CHAMPIONSHIP today in Conseco! I think the town of Osgood will be completely desolate today. haha Jenna is attending the game as she lives right in Indy, but they sold 2,000+ tickets to regular season ticket holders and MANY others purchased tickets through Conseco. G-O, Let's Go, Let's Go, G-O, Let's Go!!

As a kid, did you ever read the book Where the Wild Things Are? I remember reading it, but I can't say that it was ever a favorite. I have several friends that loved it and even some who's kids enjoy it... I saw this today on the web. They have made a movie from the book and it actually looks really good! (I know it shouldn't amaze me the things they can do in movies, especially since an ex of mine works for George Lucas, but it always does! ha)

It's another cold, gray day here in southeastern IN. Blah! We did have a few lovely hours on Thursday afternoon/evening and several people came out yesterday to the course despite the cooler temps. I'm still waiting for the glorious spring/summer weather to be here! Hopefully it's nice NEXT Saturday because I'm hosting my first ever event at the course! (It's one I planned, named, promoted, etc....yikes!)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For the Love of....


Well, it's another lovely rainy day here in southeastern Indiana....and for once, I don't mind! haha My day started off with a bang when one of the girls who works at the course called me before 7am (and yes, until then I was peacefully sleeping in bed) to tell me that she wouldn't be able to work today because she'd spent the night in the ER!?! Oh frickin' great! Don't get me wrong, I'm sincerely worried about her, but now I have less than an hour to get ready, check my email, try to do a few of the things I needed to do this morning, AND make the 10-15 minute drive to the course! I hurriedly got myself ready and then mom called from town and said that the farther south you went, the more rain there I called Jesse and we decided to close the course for the day! Yippee! Only now - - I am already up and dressed! Ugh! I'm one of those people that just can't go back to bed once I'm up, so I've been quite productive in getting my To Do list wrapped up. :)

Rainy days always make me tired anyway, so tonight I will probably CRASH! ha Sunday was a terrible day for me, Monday was slightly better, Tuesday was good, today is down again...only Lord knows how the rest of the week will be! The weather people are all calling for rain through Sunday...yuck, yuck, yuck!! One day of rain is good in the Golf industry, 2 is bad, 3 is terrible, and 4+ is downright miserable!! Our little country course can't handle THAT much rain, so in all likelihood we're gonna be closed for a few days. Bummer.

All in all this year is MUCH better start for the golf course than last far anyway! haha Last year for the first month or two it rained every Friday-Sunday. Talk about killing your revenue!! On the nice days we've had, we've been hopefully we can keep that going with some decent weather! So God, if you're reading this...please bring me a nice sunny, slightly breezy summer! ;)

Hope everyone else is enjoying their day! Here's to rainy days and cabin fever! Don't you just love Spring Break time? haha

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday

A few quick notes:

  1. My Boilers are still dancing! :) Way to go guys! The game was a "sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-have-a-heart-attack" game, but was no less a true Boilermaker game!
  2. I seem to be passing through this cold I have acquired quietly...thankfully! I went from sore throat, to a slight cough, to now feeling a little stuffy. All in all, I am surviving!
  3. The golf course officially opens tomorrow for the 2009 season! We're pretty much ready to go. Mom has to help me do a few things today and then I can happily say I feel like we're ready to see people in masses tomorrow and every day after that...ha
  4. I'm slightly bummed this morning because I thought today was the day of the Napoleon Fireman's breakfast (major yummy for anyone who's never been), but it's actually NEXT Sunday! :p
  5. Also a CONGRATS is due to one of my alma maters...the JCD Eagles (not the HS I graduated from, but may as well have been since I only spent my Senior year at Switz Co) have advanced to the State Finals in Class 1A Basketball!! Go Boys Go! My Senior year, many of my classmates were on the last team that went to Regionals. The boys are ranked #1 in the State right now and if you saw the line of fire trucks last night driving up Hwy 421, you would understand what kind of mob will be in attendance at Conseco! Bring home the nets!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend! It didn't get quite as warm as I was hoping for, but it's been nice nonetheless. Right now I'm just waiting for Mom & Toby to get up (we have trained Toby to sleep in on Sunday mornings! ha), then we'll get ready for our Sunday usual routine.

Catch ya later alligator! :p

Thursday, March 19, 2009


ROWDIE that's the way we spell Rowdie, Rowdie...let's get Rowdie, get Rowdie!

haha...okay, so that's a little more than corny, but give me a break!?! I just got less than 5 hours of sleep and I worked about 15 hours yesterday! I'm so behind on EVERYTHING, but no choice other than to press on.

Besides being completely exhausted from cleaning and working at the golf course...trying to fit in all the bookwork for Matt & Jesse...trying to keep all my bookwork/laundry/sanity...and still doing "normal" stuff with Mom and Toby pretty much has me frazzled. Yesterday was a complete nuthouse and with any luck, I can bring today back to slightly less nutty! :p

I am excited that the Tournament starts today! :) I have always been a huge basketball fan and generally fair pretty well in my picks, but this year I hurriedly made my decisions due to having no time left to get it filled has to wonder how good their picks can be when it comes at 1:45am?!?

In other news...things have been quite busy since I last posted anything. I had the pleasure of attending the District 9 FFA Convention and worked with a Past NY State Officer to slate their new district officer team. There were definitely some memorable moments, but you really can't appreciate it all typed out...and frankly, I'm too tired to go into that much detail! haha Jenna made a surprise dash down home Saturday to join me, mom, and our friend Jessica Geisler for dinner at The Grub...then she went to Cincy for the Flying Pig Swing dance. Sunday I wasn't feeling all that great (still battling a sore throat) so I let myself have an easy day. The week started and I haven't had a chance to slow down yet! I've been up for an unpleasant amount of time already this morning and need to get myself ready so I can tackle the many projects once again! All I can say is...thank you rain! :) Now I don't have to sit at the course all day and can get my many other projects finished!! (well, mostly finished..ha)

Hope you're having a great week! I'll try to post some pics over the weekend of the golf course improvements, but you may have to wait depending on the weather and how much we get done!

Happy Spring! ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pine Hills Golf Course

To answer Molly's question (and mainly because it wouldn't let me post another comment for some reason!?!), I manage Pine Hills Golf Course in Holton, IN. It's a small 9 hole golf course that was truly neglected by it's owners. A family friend decided to lease the course last year and after making LOTS of improvements, here we are getting ready to start the second season!

The course still has quite a ways to go in order to be the type of place we all envision, but I have to say that every little detail helps!

Hopefully everyone will come out and see it! Our driving range will be open this year...thankfully! :) Also, I designed a new logo with Jenna and Zach's help. We also have new scorecards coming that feature one of Jenna's pictures on the front! (She is officially a commissioned photographer! ha)

If you get time, bebop over to our new website. It's still a work in's getting there! :p

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Little Down Time

The past few weeks have been SUPER busy! I spent almost a week in Indy with Jenna, then I came back to tons of work at the golf course and "the barn" (aka Comer HQ) for the past week. Today was my first chance to catch up on sleep!! Not that I haven't been sleeping, but I've been extremely restless...too much buzzing through my mind to shut down and get the much needed rest each night! I was so exhausted last night I could barely keep my eyes open to watch American Idol! haha (yes, I love that show!) ;)

I had good intentions of getting lots done at the golf course today, but when I got there, I couldn't find the folding chairs we put out around all the tables. So, I washed all the tables and chairs we did have out and called Jesse to locate them! Unfortunately, they were not at the course, so that will have to wait for another day. We did get our shipment of 1,200 range balls for the driving range I lugged all 120+ pounds of those into the clubhouse! haha

Toby has been enjoying the change in our new habit today. He has been sleeping on or near me all day, little rascal! ha :p I am admittedly enjoying an easy day after all the 10+ hour days here lately... The next two days will be somewhat busy at the barn, getting the guys to sit down long enough so we can put all their info into the new programs. :) Friday afternoon I'm heading to Shenandoah HS...I am helping pick the slate of officers for the District 9 FFA team! I'm pretty pumped about it! Should be interesting, I think there are 16 kids interviewing with us. It will be a LATE night, so hopefully I won't have much to do Saturday...although I have a feeling I'll be cleaning at the course and getting some more stuff ready for the season!

Hope you're having a great week! Stay warm! ;)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tired Tootsies

My feet are aching's been a long couple of days! I usually don't let little stuff bother me, but I'm tired AND my body is tired! haha

The past few days I have been starting the process of cleaning/organizing the clubhouse at the golf course. I managed to wipe the walls and ceilings to rid the place of cobwebs! (Note to all: I HATE spiders!!) After knocking down all the dead bugs and cleaning out the window sills, I swept the carpet and moved out all the small furniture. Today mom brought her carpet shampooer (is that even a word?!?) to the course and we cleaned the carpet. It is AMAZING! If only you could see how much dirt and grime we sucked out of the carpet! haha Not to mention that while cleaning, I've also been taking membership payments and dealing with people stopping by to golf...and no, we are NOT open yet! ha On top of cleaning, Jesse has had to get the heat hooked up, turn the water back on...and today while doing that, had to run to town to get parts to fix one of the leaky pipes. It's just been one thing after the other! :p

And to add to all my fun, I've been trying to help Jesse & Matt get the office up and running. It's ALMOST there! All the office equipment has been purchased and with any lucky (I'm not holding my breath) they finished the office remodel this afternoon/evening! It is looking pretty good and will look very nice once I get in there to CLEAN and set everything up! I still have tons of organizing to do, but in a few weeks I think we'll have it operating to everyone's standards. :)

I am having a good weekend overall! Jenna came home last night for the first time since Christmas! haha Zach was also home last night because he left from Indy today with his sister, brother in law, niece, and cousins for Florida. :p Wish I was there with them, but it was nice to spend time with him!! He came over and we all had dinner together. :) :)

Well, I'm going to rest for the remainder of the evening! (I say rest, but really I mean sit here and do computer work while watching tv! The work NEVER ends! ha)

Hope everyone is enjoying the absolutely GORGEOUS weather!! If only it were sunny and 72 year round! Oh wait, then we'd be like Florida! hahaha ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

When the weather warms up, it means one thing for me...HOURS & HOURS OF WORK!! :p Today as the temperatures spiked, I have been busy indoors working on everything for the golf course. I feel like I have surfed more internet sites than humanly possible looking for supplies that we need. It is really insane how much companies charge for things that really shouldn't be THAT expensive! Argh! I have become an expert on the range of prices and the quality of those items...and the companies that sell them over the past month. haha I am very ready to have everything in hand so that the course can be opened. Luckily, things are going well...and with any luck, Jesse & his dad, Gary, will have the office redone by the beginning of the week so that I can get crackin' on all the bookwork! I only have one thing left to order for the golf course...the nets for the driving range! Well, that's a lie really!?! haha I have to order drinks, snacks, scorecards, etc...oh to just be done!

I'm ready to be out at the course and see all my members again! They definitely make the job worth all the hours!! haha

Here's to prayers for continued warm weather and the golf course opening soon...and being busy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Toby & his Squeaky Bone

As promised (although I should be working!) here are a few pictures and even a crappy video of Toby playing with his new squeaky bone (which is identical to the ones he had months and months ago). Also, yes he is EXTREMELY woolly these days...spring can't come fast enough so it'll be warm enough that he can get a good hair cut again!


PS - I'm excited! Jesse is drywalling the office today...which means that I should get to set everything in place over the weekend/Monday because they have to get their corporate taxes done!! YIKES! :p

Argh...back at it!

I've been home from my 6 day trip to Indy for about 2 hours now...and the work is piling up quickly!! :p

I made it home, unpacked my vehicle, and played with my lil Tobers for awhile! Apparently he has been missing me (or so mom tells me). I was pretty excited to see him too because while I was in Indy I FINALLY found the squeaky bones he likes...and bought all 3 the store had! haha He has been without a squeaker toy for awhile now, but every since I cut the tags off it and dropped it on the floor, he hasn't been without it! He's so funny. I'll download the pictures I tried to take of him playing with it a little later and post them in another entry.

I still have to unpack is currently looking like a war zone on my bed and desk! ugh!

I made a phone call to Jesse and boy oh boy did we pile on the work for me! Note to self: should have enjoyed my last day of freedom for the next 8-9 months instead of being a good employee! haha So here in a few minutes I need to get started on some plans and then I gotta go clean the clubhouse the next few days! Fun, fun! :p

On a side note, I really don't have any pictures from the remainder of my Indy trip. Jen and I had lots of fun just hanging out together. We even spent Sunday evening with her friend, Fei-Fei. That girl cracks me up! haha :) Jenna did introduce me to 2 unbelievably sinful bakeries in the area...let's say its a good thing I don't live in the area because I'd probably be a real porker (even more so than now) if I did! ha Funny thing is...I'm not really a "sweets" person!!

If you are ever in Indy, you have to go to 62nd & Allisonville to get some goodies from Taylor's Bakery. Everything is good...we've tried several just give it a go! ha If you are in Carmel on S. Rangeline Rd near the Arts District, you HAVE to go get a cupcake (or 2 or 3!) from Holy Cow, Cupcakes! I really waited until today to come back home because today was the first day that the cupcake place was open again after the owners were gone on a trip...and let me tell you, they are SO scrumptious!! YUM!

And last but not least, a friend of mine from Pittsburgh was in town on a business trip this week, but unfortunately our plans didn't go so well and I didn't get to see him. Not gonna lie...I was bummed 2 days in a row about cancelled plans, but the silver lining was that Jenna and I had dinner at Don Pablo's last night and I learned another short cut through Indy/Castleton that I used again today! It's great! haha

Hope everyone else is having a great week! Happy Hump Day! :p

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