Thursday, March 5, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

When the weather warms up, it means one thing for me...HOURS & HOURS OF WORK!! :p Today as the temperatures spiked, I have been busy indoors working on everything for the golf course. I feel like I have surfed more internet sites than humanly possible looking for supplies that we need. It is really insane how much companies charge for things that really shouldn't be THAT expensive! Argh! I have become an expert on the range of prices and the quality of those items...and the companies that sell them over the past month. haha I am very ready to have everything in hand so that the course can be opened. Luckily, things are going well...and with any luck, Jesse & his dad, Gary, will have the office redone by the beginning of the week so that I can get crackin' on all the bookwork! I only have one thing left to order for the golf course...the nets for the driving range! Well, that's a lie really!?! haha I have to order drinks, snacks, scorecards, etc...oh to just be done!

I'm ready to be out at the course and see all my members again! They definitely make the job worth all the hours!! haha

Here's to prayers for continued warm weather and the golf course opening soon...and being busy!

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