Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tired Tootsies

My feet are aching's been a long couple of days! I usually don't let little stuff bother me, but I'm tired AND my body is tired! haha

The past few days I have been starting the process of cleaning/organizing the clubhouse at the golf course. I managed to wipe the walls and ceilings to rid the place of cobwebs! (Note to all: I HATE spiders!!) After knocking down all the dead bugs and cleaning out the window sills, I swept the carpet and moved out all the small furniture. Today mom brought her carpet shampooer (is that even a word?!?) to the course and we cleaned the carpet. It is AMAZING! If only you could see how much dirt and grime we sucked out of the carpet! haha Not to mention that while cleaning, I've also been taking membership payments and dealing with people stopping by to golf...and no, we are NOT open yet! ha On top of cleaning, Jesse has had to get the heat hooked up, turn the water back on...and today while doing that, had to run to town to get parts to fix one of the leaky pipes. It's just been one thing after the other! :p

And to add to all my fun, I've been trying to help Jesse & Matt get the office up and running. It's ALMOST there! All the office equipment has been purchased and with any lucky (I'm not holding my breath) they finished the office remodel this afternoon/evening! It is looking pretty good and will look very nice once I get in there to CLEAN and set everything up! I still have tons of organizing to do, but in a few weeks I think we'll have it operating to everyone's standards. :)

I am having a good weekend overall! Jenna came home last night for the first time since Christmas! haha Zach was also home last night because he left from Indy today with his sister, brother in law, niece, and cousins for Florida. :p Wish I was there with them, but it was nice to spend time with him!! He came over and we all had dinner together. :) :)

Well, I'm going to rest for the remainder of the evening! (I say rest, but really I mean sit here and do computer work while watching tv! The work NEVER ends! ha)

Hope everyone is enjoying the absolutely GORGEOUS weather!! If only it were sunny and 72 year round! Oh wait, then we'd be like Florida! hahaha ;)

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