Friday, February 27, 2009

Silence, Infidel!

Last night I took Jenna to the Jeff Dunham comedy show in Indy for her birthday! We had an absolute BLAST!! :)

I have seen every one of his shows multiple times, to the point of knowing it word for word, and yet it is just as funny every time! haha The usual characters were at their best last night...Walter, Achmed, Jose, and even though he wasn't going to bring him out but because a bunch of people had emailed him, Bubba J! It was GREAT! I have lots of pictures posted on Facebook and Myspace and am working on uploading all the videos I took to my YouTube account.

Enjoy a few samples of our night! Hope you're having a fabulous Friday!! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothin' Much

Well, it's been almost a week since I last posted anything...I really having nothing to report! It's been pretty quiet around here, well quiet for my life! haha

I've been helping Jesse & Matt get plans together for redoing their office. Spent plenty of their money over the weekend to order our new electronic equipment! :) Most of it is due in tomorrow or Thursday, but unfortunately I can't put anything together or start working until they get the office redone. ....this could take awhile! ha :p

Today I cleaned out the Mountaineer! Boy oh boy did it need it!! I ran it through Mike's Car Wash when I helped Jenna move in January, but the inside had not been cleaned in quite some time! I always love having a clean car!! :) It's not like there was a bunch of junk in it, but my family and friends always tend to eat in the car when we're on the french fries and straw wrappers under the seats...ha...and just the normal dirt and grime that accumulates over time! I'm gonna take it through Mike's when I'm in Indy this weekend.

On another note, I guess my Indy trip is the big thing happening for a few weeks. We're celebrating Jenna's birthday this weekend, since she didn't get to come home. I'm taking her to the Jeff Dunham comedy show on Thursday night at Conseco...we LOVE him & his puppets!! :) We have other plans for the weekend, but I'll save those details for after the fact so I can post some pictures from it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lunch Date with the Bergman's

The other night I was cruising blogs and noticed a post by my good friend, Rajean, saying that she had decided to venture to Indiana with their adorable lil boy Dallas while Doug was in Chile for work. I normally don't get the chance to see Rajean & the fam while they are in town, so I had to jump on the chance! haha

Wednesday I drove up to Shelbyville to meet Rajean and Dallas at Applebee's for lunch. It was so nice to catch up with Jean!! We used to have the best convos in the early morning hours (when we were the only ones awake) back in the day as State FFA Officers. :) It was only my second time meeting Dallas and he is just as cute as ever! He is growing so much and I'm glad none of the grandparents or aunts stole him during our was nice getting to see his adorable smile!

Unfortunately, this lunch also made for the second time that we didn't take pics together! haha Oh well...maybe next time! Actually, I know we will next time because it will most likely be our Team Reunion in May! :p

Thanks for taking time to hang out with me yesterday! I miss you guys! Love ya bunches! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


What would you think if you'd just turned 49 years were blind-folded by your wife because your middle child said that she didn't want you to see your birthday gift in the driveway when you went to her house for dinner!?! haha

Well, that is the scenario my Aunt Roni gave my Uncle Kevin when bringing him over to Sara & Andy's for the surprise birthday party today! :) About 50 family and friends gathered and yelled "Surprise!" when Uncle K walked into the garage (being filmed by Sara and guided by Roni) where we were all quietly waiting....he slipped off the blindfold and stepped back laughing! He couldn't believe some of his tractor pull buddies were there! (Uncle K does Antique Tractor Pulls & actually has an indoor track for, he has 2 sleds.) We had good food and even better cake! haha :p It was a really nice time!

I wish I had a picture of the said Happy 29th Birthday Kevin! For several years he's been telling us he stopped counting at 29. ha Friday night we asked him what he was going to do when his birthday buddy, Jenna, hit 29 too! haha He's got 5 years to figure that out I guess! Although, he only has until next year 'til his oldest child turns 29...hmmm...haha

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Singles Awareness Day! a single person, today's holiday is really not for me! When I was in college, a bunch of my sorority sisters would have a girl's night out on Valentine's was fantastic for all the single girls. We'd go out to dinner and then watch movies (I think we even watched the rodeo one year on tv...mmm, cowboys!) the rest of the night. I miss you girls!!

To all you happy couples, I truly hope you have an enjoyable day!

Ugh to Valentine's Day :p

Friday, February 13, 2009

An Unexpected Turn

I woke up looking forward to a quiet day today...I was going to tan, take care of some phone calls, play with Toby, and eventually make my way to Grandma's tonight for a steak dinner with the family. (celebrating Jen & K's birthday, even though Jenna won't be there!)

The morning started as I had planned, although still feeling a little pink from all the tanning this week, so decided to skip today and go tomorrow. I was making my phone calls on the house phone when my cell started to ring. It wasn't a pre-set tone (gotta love that kind of caller id! haha) so I checked...oy! It was my boss at the golf course, but I was busy on the phone, so figured I would call him back. (He tells everyone else he's going to call me, but it usually takes several days before he actually makes the call!) :p I call him back a few minutes later and he asks if I can come meet him & his brother at their office in town. (I've known Jesse and Matt as far back as I can remember...Matt used to work for my dad & uncle when he was in HS.) ANYWAY, I tell him I'll be there in an hour (I was still in my pjs when he called!)....I get ready and make it to their office in less than hour.

Surprisingly, but then again not so much, Matt & Jesse asked me to work full-time for them doing their accounting/office work! :) I was pretty much working FT for Jesse at the Golf Course already, but this will add several hours a week, plus I'll be able to keep working for them when the course is closed. I know all the guys that work for them, so it'll be an easy going job. I'm gonna be BUSY because there are a lot of things that need done right now!! Who can blame the guys though...they work 40+ hours a week on the job and the last thing they want to deal with is paperwork!

So, I ended up spending 2.5 hours there talking business...then grabbed some lunch and ran out to the golf course to pick up some papers I needed to take care of other stuff. (Can't believe it's nearly March and time to open the course!?!) Then I stopped by mom's work to chat with her and pick up some stuff my cousin needed. An HOUR later...(it was supposed to be a "short" visit)...I made it home to eat my lunch and make several phone calls!

It was an unexpectedly busy day, but I can't complain! Work is work. The Comer brothers are great and I'm happy to be working for them! :)

Now I'm ready for a quiet, but fun weekend!

Happy Birthday Nenners!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear sissy, Happy Birthday to you!"

Wishing a very happy 24th birthday to my lil sis, Jenna. This year is particularly a happy one for her because she loves Friday the 13th! ha 13 is her lucky number. She turned 13 on Friday the 13th! I know, I know...she's a freak! haha ;)

Also, happy birthday to our Uncle Kevin! They are quite the birthday pair! Always been the cut-ups in the family!?! :)

I'll be taking Jenna out in a few weeks for her birthday...we have floor seats to the Jeff Dunham comedy show at Conseco!! Can't wait!! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bored at the Nail Salon

I goofed off too long this morning & was late getting myself to the nail salon...thus causing myself to sit here & wait my turn! Oh yeah...and play with my iTouch!! Haha

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Raining...

"It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head and didn't get up in the morning!"

I think most of the midwest (or actually the country) is getting rain and windy weather today! I just got a text from a friend in California and it was raining there earlier too. :( It's been very windy this afternoon, but luckily it hasn't blown anything over...or away! YET hahaha

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Clips from the Cattle Log

For those of you who couldn't open the Cattle Log or don't want to take the's an example of the information the guys shared with the women! haha

Brad B
Age: 25
Occupation: Business Owner
Best Feature: My gelled hair with frosted tips. Oh yeah and my Gumby looking Asian-symboled tattoo.
Favorite Position: I prefer **** Doggy or anything sinister will do.
Most Romantic Thing You’ve Done: Nothing really comes to mind but I don’t know maybe hanging with my ex under the moonlight on the hood of my car at the good ole make-out spot in Campbellsville, Ky. Oh yeah we had some Box wine too to get us in the mood.
Best Pick Up Line: You know what would look good on you...Me inside you!
What Are You Looking For In A Partner: Voluptuous Ass is first and foremost, Big boobs are fun to play with, and full lips always come in handy
Favorite Female Celebrity: Oprah

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Man Market

I'm not really even sure where to begin this blog...and I'm sure many of you will not find it half as funny as I do, but I still have to share!

This weekend I'm in Lexington visiting my cousin, Zach. As I've mentioned before...he is my partner in crime and we tend to be very random when we are talking/hanging out. Well last week on the radio he kept hearing about this event called Man Market. He was giving me the basics of it the other night, but hadn't ever taken the time to look it up online. So last night we have dinner and we're hanging out watching tv...he has the brainstorm to get online and look this event up! We're both online cruising the radio station's site and find last year's Man Market info. Needless to say we are DYING with laughter!!

The Man Market is a local event hosted at a nightclub by some radio personalities, and this year their celebrity host was Nick Lachey. (I think that was reason enough for many of the girls to go! ha) Guys go to the nightclub and pre-register. They fill out a form about themselves telling all sorts of interesting information...last year the "Cattle Log" didn't ask as much as this year's but it's still a little too much information!! They even post pictures from the event online. After looking through the pics we could tell that most of the guys weren't terrible looking, but definitely the type you'd expect at an event such as this. The girls weren't bad either, but plenty of skank happening there too! :p

In a moment of brilliance, we decide that it would be fun to drive over to the bar and people watch! hahaha So we hop in the truck and drive the 5 minutes there...all the while, testing out Zach's new digital HD camcorder. It was toooooo funny! Unfortunately, Zach won't let me post the video, but I'm sure Rajean and Jenna can imagine our stupidity (only because they've been a part of ridiculous videos in the past!). We were laughing the whole way there!!

Okay, so turn onto Euclid Ave (where the bar is) and we are driving kinda slow to try to find it...and darn it, it was in a strip mall on the street...with only street parking!! Of course the entire street was full of vehicles and the parking lot behind the stores/bar wasn't very big either and was already full. We were completely bummed that we didn't get to see any comings and goings, but we still laughed the entire time!!

This morning we were sitting here talking about what we were going to do today (visit a few local wineries and Lord only knows what other nonsense) and at the same time we both started laughing...and we were BOTH already searching to see if the new Man Market stuff was online. And it was!! So for your viewing pleasure and to see for yourself how truly terrible this event must read the Cattle Log (the guy's information) and even take a peek at the pics if you have time! I'm pretty sure you'll be laughing, shaking your head in disgust, and rolling your eyes just as much as we have been..........ENJOY! ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Steelers!

Just had to post a quick note to share my excitement over the Pittsburgh STEELERS winning the Super Bowl tonight!! :)

I was definitely jumping up and down, yelling at the tv, sitting on the edge of my seat...all night long! haha

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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