Monday, February 9, 2009

Clips from the Cattle Log

For those of you who couldn't open the Cattle Log or don't want to take the's an example of the information the guys shared with the women! haha

Brad B
Age: 25
Occupation: Business Owner
Best Feature: My gelled hair with frosted tips. Oh yeah and my Gumby looking Asian-symboled tattoo.
Favorite Position: I prefer **** Doggy or anything sinister will do.
Most Romantic Thing You’ve Done: Nothing really comes to mind but I don’t know maybe hanging with my ex under the moonlight on the hood of my car at the good ole make-out spot in Campbellsville, Ky. Oh yeah we had some Box wine too to get us in the mood.
Best Pick Up Line: You know what would look good on you...Me inside you!
What Are You Looking For In A Partner: Voluptuous Ass is first and foremost, Big boobs are fun to play with, and full lips always come in handy
Favorite Female Celebrity: Oprah

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