Saturday, February 7, 2009

Man Market

I'm not really even sure where to begin this blog...and I'm sure many of you will not find it half as funny as I do, but I still have to share!

This weekend I'm in Lexington visiting my cousin, Zach. As I've mentioned before...he is my partner in crime and we tend to be very random when we are talking/hanging out. Well last week on the radio he kept hearing about this event called Man Market. He was giving me the basics of it the other night, but hadn't ever taken the time to look it up online. So last night we have dinner and we're hanging out watching tv...he has the brainstorm to get online and look this event up! We're both online cruising the radio station's site and find last year's Man Market info. Needless to say we are DYING with laughter!!

The Man Market is a local event hosted at a nightclub by some radio personalities, and this year their celebrity host was Nick Lachey. (I think that was reason enough for many of the girls to go! ha) Guys go to the nightclub and pre-register. They fill out a form about themselves telling all sorts of interesting information...last year the "Cattle Log" didn't ask as much as this year's but it's still a little too much information!! They even post pictures from the event online. After looking through the pics we could tell that most of the guys weren't terrible looking, but definitely the type you'd expect at an event such as this. The girls weren't bad either, but plenty of skank happening there too! :p

In a moment of brilliance, we decide that it would be fun to drive over to the bar and people watch! hahaha So we hop in the truck and drive the 5 minutes there...all the while, testing out Zach's new digital HD camcorder. It was toooooo funny! Unfortunately, Zach won't let me post the video, but I'm sure Rajean and Jenna can imagine our stupidity (only because they've been a part of ridiculous videos in the past!). We were laughing the whole way there!!

Okay, so turn onto Euclid Ave (where the bar is) and we are driving kinda slow to try to find it...and darn it, it was in a strip mall on the street...with only street parking!! Of course the entire street was full of vehicles and the parking lot behind the stores/bar wasn't very big either and was already full. We were completely bummed that we didn't get to see any comings and goings, but we still laughed the entire time!!

This morning we were sitting here talking about what we were going to do today (visit a few local wineries and Lord only knows what other nonsense) and at the same time we both started laughing...and we were BOTH already searching to see if the new Man Market stuff was online. And it was!! So for your viewing pleasure and to see for yourself how truly terrible this event must read the Cattle Log (the guy's information) and even take a peek at the pics if you have time! I'm pretty sure you'll be laughing, shaking your head in disgust, and rolling your eyes just as much as we have been..........ENJOY! ;)


  1. Oh E...I started laughing as soon as I read the title of the post...and I continued laughing as I read it all! I confess, I did check out some of the pictures, but I couldn't get the cattle log to open. I can only imagine! I hope you had a wonderful visit!

  2. haha...Thanks Jean! We had a blast and pretty much laughed ALL weekend! Too bad you can't open the cattle log, it's a riot!! Maybe I'll post a few of the guys info for all to read.



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