Thursday, April 24, 2008

Introducing The Great....Tobini!

Well, as you can tell from the title, little mister Toby has become a houdini of sorts! His mamaw bought him an exercise pen that hooks onto his crate. The pen is 30" tall and more than enough room for him to run and play while we are at work...problem: we have been coming home to Toby greeting us at the door! He has managed to crawl out of his pen!?! We watched him, learned his tricks, fixed things so it would no longer happen....and wouldn't you know it, he has managed to continually get out of his pen! ARGH! We are at a complete loss at this point! The Great Tobini has bamboozled his mommy and mamaw! His pen currently looks like a maximum security prison!! haha There is chicken wire across the top to try to hold him in, but that has obviously not worked. He pulls himself up the rungs of the pen and jumps down from the top. We have resigned to let him roam the house while we are gone since he gets out and then is away from his food and water all day...not good for any pet, but toy dogs are prone to sugar problems when they don't eat! Luckily, he is better about not tearing stuff up when we're not home than when we are! Go figure!?!

*the prison*

*Tobini the Escape Artist*

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend = Exhaustion!

Busy busy yet again! I've been working 30 hours a week at the golf course and almost 20 hours at the salon...I used to work 60 hours a week all the time, but I'm outta practice! ha

Friday night mom, my cousin Monica and I all went to Greensburg to eat out at El Reparo. Monica and I were gonna go to the nail salon while mom ran some other errands...needless to say, we spent 4.5 hours in town eating, running errands and waiting to get our nails done! Finally we accomplished all of that and made it home around 10:30pm!!!

Saturday I worked at the salon because it was prom day for several of the local high schools. From 10-5 we helped 30 girls and one bride get ready for the day! It's slightly chaotic, but in the left 4 tired stylists and me as a tired receptionist/makeup artist...but it is fun to see all the girls get dolled up.

Anyway, another crazy weekend...the next one will be just the same I'm sure! :p

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Overkill

Yay for rain and wintry weather! haha Okay, not really...but I have a good reason for saying that...I had the weekend off because of the cooler temps! The golf course closed this weekend because it was too wet to golf. I was going to runaway to Lexington for the weekend to see my cousin, Zach, but decided I better stay put since I haven't been paid for my 2 weeks at the course yet! My other cousin, Monica, called Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to go out for I happily agreed! We went to Greensburg and had a fantastic lunch at El Reparo! We all love that place! haha Yum!! We stuffed ourselves silly and then headed home. Mom was craving ribs from The Grub Co. so Monica met up with us in Osgood for dinner around 7:30 last night. It was surprisingly quiet there, but the food and company were great! Monica got to enjoy her girls only day while her husband Jason watched their son, Ethan. (he's such a cutie!)

Today, I'm being a bum...doing laundry, taking it easy, and working on stuff for the Queen pageant. I have eaten way too much this weekend, but boy was it good! haha

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alive again!!

I'm BACK!!!!! Well, I'm not completely healthy again, but I'm feeling much better than last week! It was actually a horrible ordeal...

The medicine I got from the doc ended up making me sick. We called the doc and he prescribed a new medicine for me Wednesday morning. I took it and it made me sick as well. I decided to quit taking the meds and started feeling much better! Go figure, huh? I have a lingering cough and my voice is still coming back...hopefully by the end of this week I'll be back to my old self!

I started working at the Golf Course this is never dull, that's for sure! I am enjoying it and I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer. It's not what I thought I'd be doing at this point in my life, but I'm going to make the best of it. I mean, look at the bright side...I work in a male-dominated place...there are lots of single guys who come play golf with their other single friends! I'm thinking Win-Win at the moment...haha

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

El Sickey strikes!

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I have had that nasty cold that has been going around...I finally went to the doctor today only to be told what I already knew! ha He prescribed me a high dosage of amoxicillin and so hopefully I will be getting better soon, especially since doc only gave me 7 days worth of meds. I've been sleeping non-stop since Friday night in an effort to feel better, but it isn't working. At least I could sleep! Now the medicine is kicking in and I can't stop coughing or blowing my nose...I'm not convinced that I'm going to get any sleep tonight! Oh well, that is the update from my deathbed (it has felt like it anyway).

Go figure...I would get sick the week when I am supposed to be starting my second job!!

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