Monday, October 27, 2008

Tech Saga Continues...

It was a long week last week with all the cell phone make a long story short, I had 5 phones in 4 days! Argh!

I am happy that I now have a cell phone I like and it gets the job done! ha

On another it too much to ask that the people selling the phones know what the phones are capable of? I mean it's not like the phones change daily in the stores, they've had these phones for months and yet they can't tell you what they do!?! The sales people made me crazy...especially when I only asked for the phone to do 1 thing (sync with my computer for contacts and calendar) and yet was repeatedly disappointed. Do your job people! :p

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Technology is for the Birds!!

Today I woke up just like I do the sound of my cell phone alarm! I turned it off and got out of bed to check my email and let Toby out of his crate. Everything was fine and dandy....

I finish getting ready an hour later and am grabbing my cell phone and bags to leave for work. I press a button to turn on the backlight and it comes on, but all I see is a white background and the hourglass symbol! Argh! After popping the battery out and letting it wait awhile, still the same then I was downright frustrated! A day without my cell phone?!? Are you nuts? My cell phone is as much a part of me as my eyes! hahaha

Needless to say...I now have a new cell phone...I am no longer the owner of a "crackberry" but now a pretty silver LG shine! :p

Friday, October 17, 2008

Laughter with Your Family is a Cure All

Tonight, I invited my Uncle Kevin's family to join us for dinner at our favorite Friday night hang-out, The Osgood Grub Co. It was really my treat for Sara & Andy (National Boss' Day was yesterday) because they were really great to work for at the salon! Plus, what better way to spend time with your family?!?

We had an evening filled with we always do! It was a great way to start what is looking to be a fun weekend! Jenna is home for the weekend and Toby is quite happy to have his "Aunt Ninny" to bug for awhile! hahaha Below are a few pics from the evening...ENJOY!

holding baby Callie for the 1st time!

with the 2 cutest kids in the world (yes, I'm biased!) - my lil cousins, Ethan & Callie

Ethan & his mamaw (my Aunt Roni)

the wine racks Uncle Kevin made us!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Toby the Terrible

Tonight's title may hint at the fact that my adorable lil boy has been quite rambunctious as of late! haha Today, Lila (the groomer), gave him a haircut and bath...she told mom that he's really gotten a personality! Um....duh? ha Toby is soooooo much more handsome now that we can see his expressive little face! I do love when he's all fuzzy like a yorkie gets, but his coat is more manageable when it's short. Enjoy the pics!



Monday, October 13, 2008

The Long & The Short of It

A brief (as brief as I can make this) synopsis of the recent happenings in my life...

  • For anyone who has been following the blog, you have seen pictures of my cute new cousin, Callie Lynn. My grandma (her great-grandma) thought she needed to be entered in the cutest baby contest and seeing as how her parents are slightly biased (haha), they have entered her in the Great American Photo Contest. If you feel inclined, please follow the link to VOTE for Callie!
  • Also, I have been working 2 jobs since April. I cannot reveal everything at this time, but I'm working on a big change in the career situation. Suffice it to say that because of many factors, I decided to resign from my Receptionist position at the salon. I truly hated leaving the salon at this particular time, with Sara just having had Callie, but it's something I needed to do for myself. It was a HUGE leap of faith and truly a test in my trust in God, that He will lead me where I should be! As of November 2nd, the golf course will be closed until March 2009. What does this mean? I will be without work/income as of 8pm on Sunday, Nov. 2nd! Yikes!! This is where I rely on God and the opportunities that I see before me. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted!
  • On my 26th birthday I made some goals for myself, some are coming right along and others are in limbo! (ha) My final course needed to graduate with my Bachelor's is in its 8th week. It is an up and down adventure, but I've been diligently studying and doing what is asked of me, even though I am often times overwhelmed with the mathematics! I am also proud to say that I am debt-free (not including my 2 school loans)! Sometimes it is a struggle to not have anything tangible to show for all my hours of work this past summer, but it is also incredibly wonderful to essentially have a clean slate in the current economy! And let's not even begin to discuss my goal of losing weight - - ugh! Hopefully with all the free time I may soon have I'll be able to dash over to my aunt's gym and use my elliptical!
  • I know it's not even Halloween yet, but for those of you who really know me and my OCD/list-making tendencies, you will laugh to know that my Christmas shopping is nearly finished! *smiling* I must admit that it gets easier each year, although slightly pricier! (haha) Mom wanted a cordless chainsaw and an extra chain from a local store that was having a catalog sale. I went with her and purchased's amazingly still in the box, but I'm sure it'll get used before Christmas! Jenna was also pretty easy to please this year - we both love sports, especially football - so I got her a ticket to the Colts vs. Bengals game at the new Lucas Oil Stadium. Be sure to watch the game because our seats are in the endzone, 16 rows up from the field!! We'll hopefully be panned over lots as we cheer our Colts on to a victory! I still have to figure out a gift for Dad and Grandma. They are seriously the world's most difficult people to buy for...

Well, that is all for now! Life can be so boring sometimes although my brain is buzzing with things that are going on... :p

Friday, October 10, 2008

100,000 & Still Kickin' It

What: Mountaineer hit 100,000 mile mark
When: Thursday, October 9, 2008
Where: Holton, IN - in between my grandma & uncle O's houses

It was a sad day!! I have been dreading the Mountie hitting this mile marker for some time...I was hoping to have traded vehicles by now, but it hasn't happened! ugh!

(sorry for the silly antics & dramatics! ha when Jen's car, the Pimp Neon hit 100,000, she had a car me there was no celebration in my vehicle!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Callie Pictures

yes, that would be a John Deere tractor in her crib! ha

Grandpa Kevin (my uncle), Ethan (my lil buddy & cousin), Callie

look at all that hair!?!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's a Girl!

Welcome to my new baby cousin, Callie Lynn Comer! Here's the first picture! She was born today, Oct. 7th - weighing 7lbs 7 oz - with a full head of hair....

Congrats to the new parents, Sara and Andy!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Healthy & Rotten as Ever!

Toby is feeling so much better! I'd say he is back to his rotten little self! haha Tomorrow is the last day for him to take his pill and he still has a few days of amoxicillin, but he really likes that so it hasn't been a problem. Mom squeezes the dropper as he licks it! haha

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sick baby

My little baby, Toby, is sick today. I got up for work this morning and he seemed fine....when I got out of the shower though I went to check on him in the living room and he had puked more than once on the floor. *sad face* In an hour, he had gotten sick about 10 times, so at 8am my mom called the vet and they said he better come in. So mamaw took Toby to the vet this morning.....found out he was running a temperature as I thought (hard to tell when his average body temp is 104!), they gave him 3 shots - 1 to calm his stomach and 2 antibiotics, sent home more antibiotics with him, and took a fecal sample to test for worms. Apparently several dogs in the area have been sick with the same sort of symptoms...not sure what that is all about!?! One of the girls at the salon, Nicole, said her teacup poodle was sick the same way last night...I think she'll be taking her little one to the vet tomorrow morning on her day off!

I got home from work and he was pretty playful, although definitely worn out. After following me around for a bit, he decided to nap on me! (Notice how tired I appear to be as well! :p I'm exhausted and behind on everything right now...ugh! Sorry it's kinda blurry, I took it with my camera phone!!)


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