Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sick baby

My little baby, Toby, is sick today. I got up for work this morning and he seemed fine....when I got out of the shower though I went to check on him in the living room and he had puked more than once on the floor. *sad face* In an hour, he had gotten sick about 10 times, so at 8am my mom called the vet and they said he better come in. So mamaw took Toby to the vet this morning.....found out he was running a temperature as I thought (hard to tell when his average body temp is 104!), they gave him 3 shots - 1 to calm his stomach and 2 antibiotics, sent home more antibiotics with him, and took a fecal sample to test for worms. Apparently several dogs in the area have been sick with the same sort of symptoms...not sure what that is all about!?! One of the girls at the salon, Nicole, said her teacup poodle was sick the same way last night...I think she'll be taking her little one to the vet tomorrow morning on her day off!

I got home from work and he was pretty playful, although definitely worn out. After following me around for a bit, he decided to nap on me! (Notice how tired I appear to be as well! :p I'm exhausted and behind on everything right now...ugh! Sorry it's kinda blurry, I took it with my camera phone!!)

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