Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today is my 28th I thought I'd post a blog with 28 things that's been going on/random thoughts. haha

1. The power steering went out in my vehicle last night and I have been without my vehicle all day today.
2. The Brady Bunch theme song has been stuck in my head all day and I have no clue why!?!
3. I just finished my first week at my new job and love it.
4. I am currently packing for a Mary Kay trip to Dallas.
5. I am much going on lately!
6. I had to go take a drug screening test (pee in a cup) on my birthday. Way to celebrate. ha
7. The only enjoyable thing I did all day was get my nails done...and even that was a necessity before Dallas.
8. I feel special with all my friends and family leaving me Facebook messages and texts today!
9. I'm ready to start doing the C25K program again when I get back from Dallas.
10. A local place is going to start hosting Zumba each week and I am finally gonna get a chance to go try it! :)
11. I am so over working at the golf course...I don't even think about it anymore. Not good since I often times forget to do stuff!
12. I have been speaking at Mary Kay meetings. I forgot how much I loved public speaking!
13. I went shopping last weekend and actually found clothes to fit. It was exciting!
14. Toby has been driving me nuts tonight! He's into everything. haha
15. I have so much laundry to do. I really should have done another load tonight. Oh well.
16. I've set a goal to earn my 1st free Mary Kay car by December 31st. Whew, huge goal.
17. I'm running out of stuff...I really thought this would be easier. Angie, how the heck do you do all the lists? haha
18. I finally got my iPod converter/charger thing so I don't need my computer to charge it.
19. I am TOTALLY addicted to the iPod game, Angry Birds. hahahaha
20. I have been slacking on blogging. Like you couldn't tell. :p
21. Tomorrow night we're having my birthday dinner at El Reparo in Greensburg...yum, Mexican!
22. My birthday dinner tonight was Taco Bell. I went all out, huh?
23. We've been having strawberry daiquiris A LOT around here because mom bought a Ninja Mixer. It's awesome. And totally adding to our alcoholism. (No, we're not alcoholics. ha)
24. Tonight one of the cable channels was showing Adventures in Babysitting! I love that movie! It was a fun birthday find.
25. I am missing all next week at my new job...hoping I don't forget everything I've learned.
26. I'm going to be totally overwhelmed the week I get back to work because everyone is coming in to train me from our sister company.
27. Woohoo, I only have 1 more to go! ;)
28. Being 28 isn't so much different from 27...and I know this is gonna be the best year yet!

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Official...New Job!

Well, now that I've told my boss, I can tell the rest of the world. haha Good thing I told him this morning because word was on the street by afternoon. Guess that's how it goes in a small town!

I have accepted a position in the office at Best Metal Finishing in Osgood. It's a fairly small plant. You can look 'em up on the web if you're interested. The sister company is Ohio Rod in Versailles. Both are owned by Elgin Fasteners.

I'm excited about the new job opportunity. I love the hours, just wish I had 5 days and not 4! I'm going to keep working at the golf course on Fridays for now (and still do payroll/billing/work scheduling) to help make up the small pay difference. The good news is that I also have insurance now! And 2 weeks paid vacation! :) I think I'm going to like working at Best Metal. I know a few people who work there in the shop and I know the general manager's family pretty well (just not him). haha

And so another journey begins!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

I know these pictures are a little late, but better late than never...right? haha

Vegas was fun. Minus the sun poisoning I got despite wearing sunscreen. (which I never do!)

Here are a few of the highlights.

Red Rock Canyon

Fountain Show at Bellagio

Siren Show at Treasure Island

Volcano Show at the Mirage

the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign!

spent time on Fremont Street (the old downtown Vegas)

our view from our "spot" at the pool

mom, me, and Jen at the Flamingo

a view of the strip lit up at night

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weight Loss Update #8

Last night we weighed in before our big guest event...and I lost 0.4 pounds. haha Not much, but hey, it's still a loss! :p

I am also on the final week of the C25K program. I haven't decided if I'm going to do this one over before moving up or go ahead and move to the 10K program. I have super proud of myself for running each week and for actually being able to do it! ha I never thought I'd last this long and now I don't want to quit!! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

From Good to Bad to Worst

The day started off with so much promise.....

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Sun is shining. Cooler temps with a nice breeze.

Then I see status updates from 2 of my cousins and my heart sinks as I already know what I'll hear when I pick up the phone...but I dial mom at work. She tells me the news I feared. My great-uncle, Cletus, passed away this morning. That takes me to sad face #1. Mom tells me to text Jenna and let her know. I know Jen is out enjoying a leisurely breakfast this morning due to later work time and her apartment being renovated. She of course calls and that's when the reality hits me a little more and I have a good cry. Ugh.

I was really hoping to hear from the interview lady at a job I had applied for....I interviewed Sunday night (yes, that's how badly she wanted to meet me!). Went to the hospital and did a pee test on Monday night after work for their pre-employment drug screening. Not 20 minutes after I had tweeted about waiting to hear from her with great anticipation....I got the ding email. It was so impersonal. Sad face #2. Another call to mom. More tears.

This day really sucks.

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