Thursday, July 1, 2010

From Good to Bad to Worst

The day started off with so much promise.....

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Sun is shining. Cooler temps with a nice breeze.

Then I see status updates from 2 of my cousins and my heart sinks as I already know what I'll hear when I pick up the phone...but I dial mom at work. She tells me the news I feared. My great-uncle, Cletus, passed away this morning. That takes me to sad face #1. Mom tells me to text Jenna and let her know. I know Jen is out enjoying a leisurely breakfast this morning due to later work time and her apartment being renovated. She of course calls and that's when the reality hits me a little more and I have a good cry. Ugh.

I was really hoping to hear from the interview lady at a job I had applied for....I interviewed Sunday night (yes, that's how badly she wanted to meet me!). Went to the hospital and did a pee test on Monday night after work for their pre-employment drug screening. Not 20 minutes after I had tweeted about waiting to hear from her with great anticipation....I got the ding email. It was so impersonal. Sad face #2. Another call to mom. More tears.

This day really sucks.

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