Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GFC Blog Hop

It's Tuesday again which means it's time for the GFC Blog Hop!

When I want to follow a blog the first thing I look for is GFC (Google Friend Connect), it's so easy and  nice to be able to go and see all of the blogs you follow in one spot. It's really a great tool to have. 

One side note- Did you know you can follow through GFC using your Twitter Account? TRUE, it's definitely an option!

If you are interested in co-hosting the next GFC Blog Hop send an email to: melissa@thelifeofanotsoordinarywife.com

Ok, so let's get to the party, shall we?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


There once was a man who wanted to play a game. He asked his lady and she agreed. Hangman was the game. Something simple and fun. Game after game was played. Some phrases were about the silly TV series they had on in the background (Call of the Wildman), her pet (Toby), and others were about life. Laughs and smiles were plentiful. The man asked for one more game and the lady complied.

As soon as she saw the letter spaces...her heart knew...

And as she guessed the phrase, the man knelt down on one knee and asked the words written on the page..."Will you marry me?"

She said "YES!" He placed a ring upon her finger.

A kiss sealed their fate as future husband and wife. :)

And so a new chapter begins....

**Wedding date will be set at the beginning of the year. We've got so many other things going on and working to get our lives aligned, so we're going to wait and see where we want to be once the New Year arrives. I am feeling so incredibly blessed! I've also been dying to share this with all of you! The engagement took place Sunday night, but we had family to tell in person before sharing the news with the rest of the world.

GFC Blog Hop!

I saw this fun blog hop last week, but didn't know anything about it (and honestly didn't have time to do anything about it!). This week the lovely Breanna posted it as a co-host and I thought I would take time to browse some blogs!

So....welcome, new friends! I am a newly into my 30's gal living in southeastern Indiana. I'm a country girl that loves visiting the city (Indy to see my sis or Lexington to see my cousin, Z). I have an amazing boyfriend, Eric (aka AxMan), and spend a lot of time lovin' on him and his 2 beautiful daughters. I have a rambunctious and rebellious teacup Yorkie, Toby, who gets himself out of trouble by being so darn cute! ha I'm an HR admin for a company in my hometown and I sell Scentsy/Velata/Grace Adele (so if you're looking for a consultant - hit me up!). ;) I'm a Purdue grad. Boiler Up! I love love love to travel and try to go someplace new as often as I can.

Well, that's pretty much me in a nutshell. haha Hope to see you around!

Ok, so let's get to the party, shall we?
RULES are simple:

1. Follow your host via GFC
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2. Follow your co-hosts via GFC
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3. Link up below using your main blog url not a specific post.
4. Make sure to visit some of the blogs in the link up and follow them via GFC 
and if you want to leave them a comment, I'm sure they'd appreciate that as well.
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Monday, August 13, 2012


...with myself.

Have you ever worked hard to accomplish something? Have you ever let yourself get lazy and backslide? *raises my hand* I have. Ugh. Makes me mad to say it!

My friends, I fell off the healthier lifestyle bandwagon about 2 months ago. You see, this phenomenal trip I earned with Scentsy to the Dominican Republic happened...and I let myself enjoy the food and drinks. I know, I know. It's not really all that bad. BUT. But then I came home and kept eating the not-so-good-for-me foods and got caught up in the craziness of my life. Don't get me wrong, I loved every guilty second of it. Because yes, I did feel guilty for the first 2 weeks after I got back. 

The other week, AxMan and I decided that we both needed to start eating better (he had gained some weight back after losing a bunch while living with his sister - not the healthy way, the man never ate!). I weighed myself when we returned from Kansas City and was not shocked to see that I had gained 12 pounds in 2 months! AHHHHH! Nothing makes me more mad than knowing I failed myself. I put myself 12 pounds behind the ball AGAIN. Will I ever learn??

So I attempted to eat healthy last week. The week started off with good intentions, but then quickly went downhill with a whispered - let me treat you to dinner...and a failed fishing attempt to catch our dinner. ;) It all ended with a rousing day at the State Fair and we all know how good for you fair food is! hahaha

So here we are at the start of a new week...and I am happy to say that I stuck with my food plan for the day and even exercised! I have my meals mapped out for tomorrow as well, so that always makes me feel better. Yeah, yeah...I'm slightly type A organized list maker type. :p

Here's to hopefully getting back down past the 12 pounds I added back...and finally reaching my goal weight! I have a feeling there will be some fun and exciting things coming my way in the next year and I want to look and feel my best. *HUGE smile*

And now you know where I stand...and the fact that not only did I fall off the bandwagon, I apparently got ran over by it...more than once. One day I have faith that I'll learn from my mistakes! ha

To close - just wanna say "Hi hunny!" because I'm sure the mister is reading this since he knows I'm blogging tonight. Also, thanks for your support. And for eating your veggies tonight at dinner even though you'd have preferred more potato chips. Oh...and for only eating one pack of those delicious Dunkin' Sticks today for breakfast. hahahaha I love you!

Prepare Yourself for Pictures

Okay, so I don't really have a lot of pictures...but I am far too busy to blog about all the goings ons around these parts, so you'll have to subside on a VERY brief recap, pictures and captions! ;)

Since my birthday it's been non-stop go go go! AxMan, mom and I packed up the following weekend and made a trip to Kansas City, MO so I could attend my upline's training day. I went last year and had a blast...the trip was just as good (if not better) this year! AxMan even attended the training with me so he could get a better grasp on what all I do and need to do to get where I want to be with my Scentsy Family business. :) And of course, we had Katniss & Lorraine this past weekend, so we ventured to the State Fair! I have a deep-rooted passion for 4-H and FFA, so the fair is a MUST in my life. It was fun showing the girls the place that I have explored, showed animals at, and worked as a college student.

Momma sleeping in the car on the way to KC

delicious dinner at Jack Stack BBQ...mmmm

my Grace Adele starter kit!

Toby helping me sticker catalogs and waiting on AxMan to get home :)

my Grace Adele purple Cora bag with May clutch and Zebra contrast wallet

girls helped me make Velata Chocolate Chunk cookies! yum!

Grace Adele display for my team meeting

Grace Adele display for my team meeting

AxMan & mom fixed the bathroom door so it actually closes all the way for the first time in 20+ yrs! (this is when they removed it to fix it)

 mom made some delicious peach cobbler...her 1st ever attempt!

playing around at the State Fair

Katniss & Lorraine liking the big pumpkin


silly girls ;)

we're harboring a wanted person! ha

Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Much To Catch Up On

I seriously cannot keep track of time these days...and while I'm loving life to the fullest, it's a little frustrating to wonder where the hours go!?! ha

When I last blogged (nearly 2 weeks ago, yikes!), I had just enjoyed an evening at the county fair with AxMan and the girls. :) That Wednesday, they got up very early and drove me to the airport. I know, I know...insert your awwwwws here! I flew across the country on 2 very annoying plane rides. Do you know how terrible it is to fly when you don't have your headphones/iPod to drown out the noise? Ugh. The next few days were an absolute whirlwind! The Scentsy Family Convention was AWESOME! All the new product reveals, time with friends, great speakers, and lots of giveaway items to bring home. The only true downside was the waiting. I'm not joking. I had to wait every single place I went. 30 minutes in line for a Nathan's hotdog is not my idea of fun. 40 minutes in line for a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza with many still in front of you, so you give up to get ice cream next door for your dinner....not fun. Yeah, that's how it went. haha

Convention arena

 the real Donnie & Marie Osmond performing after a spoof of them!

Heidi & Orville Thompson at Awards Night (company owners)

Colbie Caillat performing at convention! Love her!

I flew back home on Saturday and Jenna picked me up at the airport. We made a dash across town to her apartment so I could get ready for my birthday dinner! Cause you know this girl had to shower after many many hours traveling. Had to be all clean and huggable when AxMan got there! ;)  I managed to get ready in record time...and even had a few minutes to spare as we waited on mom, AxMan, Katniss and Lorraine to arrive.

For my birthday dinner, we met up with a few friends (Nicole, Reid & Mason) at Brewstone in Indianapolis. Yum! I think we pretty much all devoured our meals. After a fairly leisurely paced meal, we packed up and drove to get ice cream at our favorite place - BRICS! MMMMM Noelle met up with us there and lots of laughs ensued as Jenna started looking through the stack of "slang" cards on the table. Too funny. And highly inappropriate for a place that serves so many families. hahaha

Sorry for being a slacker, I didn't take a single picture for my birthday!!

We then said our goodbyes. AxMan, the girls, mom and I ventured home and rolled in a little after midnight. Tiring day, but a fun one! After we got ready for bed the girls thought that since it was officially my 30th birthday, it was time to open cards and a present. So I did. :) Wish I could share the cards with all of you, but they are pretty special so I think I'll just keep them private. Needless to say, I have read the cards EVERY single day since I got them. They are sitting on my dresser and I honestly can't stop smiling when I look at them! Although they should not have gotten me anything at all, there was a gift that I actually planned to buy for myself when I got home from Vegas...a portable charger. The kind for your cell phone, tablet, etc. It's pretty cool! I tested it out Monday and it works pretty well. After hunting down outlets constantly while in Vegas (something about constantly being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and texting will drain your battery! ha). It was a great gift that I didn't even know I needed before I left for the trip!

This week it seems there has been something every night, even though nothing really amounted to much time. I have been busy making Scentsy deliveries, which of course I love!

Wednesday I also added the third Scentsy brand to my business venture. Have you heard anything about Grace Adele?? I know you have if you're FB friends with me. Sorry for not being sorry! ;)


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