Monday, August 13, 2012

Prepare Yourself for Pictures

Okay, so I don't really have a lot of pictures...but I am far too busy to blog about all the goings ons around these parts, so you'll have to subside on a VERY brief recap, pictures and captions! ;)

Since my birthday it's been non-stop go go go! AxMan, mom and I packed up the following weekend and made a trip to Kansas City, MO so I could attend my upline's training day. I went last year and had a blast...the trip was just as good (if not better) this year! AxMan even attended the training with me so he could get a better grasp on what all I do and need to do to get where I want to be with my Scentsy Family business. :) And of course, we had Katniss & Lorraine this past weekend, so we ventured to the State Fair! I have a deep-rooted passion for 4-H and FFA, so the fair is a MUST in my life. It was fun showing the girls the place that I have explored, showed animals at, and worked as a college student.

Momma sleeping in the car on the way to KC

delicious dinner at Jack Stack BBQ...mmmm

my Grace Adele starter kit!

Toby helping me sticker catalogs and waiting on AxMan to get home :)

my Grace Adele purple Cora bag with May clutch and Zebra contrast wallet

girls helped me make Velata Chocolate Chunk cookies! yum!

Grace Adele display for my team meeting

Grace Adele display for my team meeting

AxMan & mom fixed the bathroom door so it actually closes all the way for the first time in 20+ yrs! (this is when they removed it to fix it)

 mom made some delicious peach cobbler...her 1st ever attempt!

playing around at the State Fair

Katniss & Lorraine liking the big pumpkin


silly girls ;)

we're harboring a wanted person! ha

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