Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Much To Catch Up On

I seriously cannot keep track of time these days...and while I'm loving life to the fullest, it's a little frustrating to wonder where the hours go!?! ha

When I last blogged (nearly 2 weeks ago, yikes!), I had just enjoyed an evening at the county fair with AxMan and the girls. :) That Wednesday, they got up very early and drove me to the airport. I know, I know...insert your awwwwws here! I flew across the country on 2 very annoying plane rides. Do you know how terrible it is to fly when you don't have your headphones/iPod to drown out the noise? Ugh. The next few days were an absolute whirlwind! The Scentsy Family Convention was AWESOME! All the new product reveals, time with friends, great speakers, and lots of giveaway items to bring home. The only true downside was the waiting. I'm not joking. I had to wait every single place I went. 30 minutes in line for a Nathan's hotdog is not my idea of fun. 40 minutes in line for a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza with many still in front of you, so you give up to get ice cream next door for your dinner....not fun. Yeah, that's how it went. haha

Convention arena

 the real Donnie & Marie Osmond performing after a spoof of them!

Heidi & Orville Thompson at Awards Night (company owners)

Colbie Caillat performing at convention! Love her!

I flew back home on Saturday and Jenna picked me up at the airport. We made a dash across town to her apartment so I could get ready for my birthday dinner! Cause you know this girl had to shower after many many hours traveling. Had to be all clean and huggable when AxMan got there! ;)  I managed to get ready in record time...and even had a few minutes to spare as we waited on mom, AxMan, Katniss and Lorraine to arrive.

For my birthday dinner, we met up with a few friends (Nicole, Reid & Mason) at Brewstone in Indianapolis. Yum! I think we pretty much all devoured our meals. After a fairly leisurely paced meal, we packed up and drove to get ice cream at our favorite place - BRICS! MMMMM Noelle met up with us there and lots of laughs ensued as Jenna started looking through the stack of "slang" cards on the table. Too funny. And highly inappropriate for a place that serves so many families. hahaha

Sorry for being a slacker, I didn't take a single picture for my birthday!!

We then said our goodbyes. AxMan, the girls, mom and I ventured home and rolled in a little after midnight. Tiring day, but a fun one! After we got ready for bed the girls thought that since it was officially my 30th birthday, it was time to open cards and a present. So I did. :) Wish I could share the cards with all of you, but they are pretty special so I think I'll just keep them private. Needless to say, I have read the cards EVERY single day since I got them. They are sitting on my dresser and I honestly can't stop smiling when I look at them! Although they should not have gotten me anything at all, there was a gift that I actually planned to buy for myself when I got home from Vegas...a portable charger. The kind for your cell phone, tablet, etc. It's pretty cool! I tested it out Monday and it works pretty well. After hunting down outlets constantly while in Vegas (something about constantly being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and texting will drain your battery! ha). It was a great gift that I didn't even know I needed before I left for the trip!

This week it seems there has been something every night, even though nothing really amounted to much time. I have been busy making Scentsy deliveries, which of course I love!

Wednesday I also added the third Scentsy brand to my business venture. Have you heard anything about Grace Adele?? I know you have if you're FB friends with me. Sorry for not being sorry! ;)

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  1. You celebrated your 30th birthday and didn't take a single picture? Shame on you!!!! Happy birthday anyways! ;o)



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