Sunday, February 15, 2009


What would you think if you'd just turned 49 years were blind-folded by your wife because your middle child said that she didn't want you to see your birthday gift in the driveway when you went to her house for dinner!?! haha

Well, that is the scenario my Aunt Roni gave my Uncle Kevin when bringing him over to Sara & Andy's for the surprise birthday party today! :) About 50 family and friends gathered and yelled "Surprise!" when Uncle K walked into the garage (being filmed by Sara and guided by Roni) where we were all quietly waiting....he slipped off the blindfold and stepped back laughing! He couldn't believe some of his tractor pull buddies were there! (Uncle K does Antique Tractor Pulls & actually has an indoor track for, he has 2 sleds.) We had good food and even better cake! haha :p It was a really nice time!

I wish I had a picture of the said Happy 29th Birthday Kevin! For several years he's been telling us he stopped counting at 29. ha Friday night we asked him what he was going to do when his birthday buddy, Jenna, hit 29 too! haha He's got 5 years to figure that out I guess! Although, he only has until next year 'til his oldest child turns 29...hmmm...haha

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday!

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