Friday, February 13, 2009

An Unexpected Turn

I woke up looking forward to a quiet day today...I was going to tan, take care of some phone calls, play with Toby, and eventually make my way to Grandma's tonight for a steak dinner with the family. (celebrating Jen & K's birthday, even though Jenna won't be there!)

The morning started as I had planned, although still feeling a little pink from all the tanning this week, so decided to skip today and go tomorrow. I was making my phone calls on the house phone when my cell started to ring. It wasn't a pre-set tone (gotta love that kind of caller id! haha) so I checked...oy! It was my boss at the golf course, but I was busy on the phone, so figured I would call him back. (He tells everyone else he's going to call me, but it usually takes several days before he actually makes the call!) :p I call him back a few minutes later and he asks if I can come meet him & his brother at their office in town. (I've known Jesse and Matt as far back as I can remember...Matt used to work for my dad & uncle when he was in HS.) ANYWAY, I tell him I'll be there in an hour (I was still in my pjs when he called!)....I get ready and make it to their office in less than hour.

Surprisingly, but then again not so much, Matt & Jesse asked me to work full-time for them doing their accounting/office work! :) I was pretty much working FT for Jesse at the Golf Course already, but this will add several hours a week, plus I'll be able to keep working for them when the course is closed. I know all the guys that work for them, so it'll be an easy going job. I'm gonna be BUSY because there are a lot of things that need done right now!! Who can blame the guys though...they work 40+ hours a week on the job and the last thing they want to deal with is paperwork!

So, I ended up spending 2.5 hours there talking business...then grabbed some lunch and ran out to the golf course to pick up some papers I needed to take care of other stuff. (Can't believe it's nearly March and time to open the course!?!) Then I stopped by mom's work to chat with her and pick up some stuff my cousin needed. An HOUR later...(it was supposed to be a "short" visit)...I made it home to eat my lunch and make several phone calls!

It was an unexpectedly busy day, but I can't complain! Work is work. The Comer brothers are great and I'm happy to be working for them! :)

Now I'm ready for a quiet, but fun weekend!

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