Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothin' Much

Well, it's been almost a week since I last posted anything...I really having nothing to report! It's been pretty quiet around here, well quiet for my life! haha

I've been helping Jesse & Matt get plans together for redoing their office. Spent plenty of their money over the weekend to order our new electronic equipment! :) Most of it is due in tomorrow or Thursday, but unfortunately I can't put anything together or start working until they get the office redone. ....this could take awhile! ha :p

Today I cleaned out the Mountaineer! Boy oh boy did it need it!! I ran it through Mike's Car Wash when I helped Jenna move in January, but the inside had not been cleaned in quite some time! I always love having a clean car!! :) It's not like there was a bunch of junk in it, but my family and friends always tend to eat in the car when we're on the run...so french fries and straw wrappers under the seats...ha...and just the normal dirt and grime that accumulates over time! I'm gonna take it through Mike's when I'm in Indy this weekend.

On another note, I guess my Indy trip is the big thing happening for a few weeks. We're celebrating Jenna's birthday this weekend, since she didn't get to come home. I'm taking her to the Jeff Dunham comedy show on Thursday night at Conseco...we LOVE him & his puppets!! :) We have other plans for the weekend, but I'll save those details for after the fact so I can post some pictures from it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week! :)

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