Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pine Hills Golf Course

To answer Molly's question (and mainly because it wouldn't let me post another comment for some reason!?!), I manage Pine Hills Golf Course in Holton, IN. It's a small 9 hole golf course that was truly neglected by it's owners. A family friend decided to lease the course last year and after making LOTS of improvements, here we are getting ready to start the second season!

The course still has quite a ways to go in order to be the type of place we all envision, but I have to say that every little detail helps!

Hopefully everyone will come out and see it! Our driving range will be open this year...thankfully! :) Also, I designed a new logo with Jenna and Zach's help. We also have new scorecards coming that feature one of Jenna's pictures on the front! (She is officially a commissioned photographer! ha)

If you get time, bebop over to our new website. It's still a work in's getting there! :p

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  1. Erin, we will most definitely come out and play a round. Kurtis and Patrick both are pretty good for their age, and actually Kurtis is getting close to being good for MY age. It is not a question of if, but rather when he ends up beating the old man. Molly and Katelyn are not yet golfers but love the outdoors. We will be sure to bring the sticks with us this spring and summer! Good luck with everything, I know that golf course management is one of those jobs that SOUNDS like it would be nothing but fun, but in reality is a lot of work.



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