Thursday, March 19, 2009


ROWDIE that's the way we spell Rowdie, Rowdie...let's get Rowdie, get Rowdie!

haha...okay, so that's a little more than corny, but give me a break!?! I just got less than 5 hours of sleep and I worked about 15 hours yesterday! I'm so behind on EVERYTHING, but no choice other than to press on.

Besides being completely exhausted from cleaning and working at the golf course...trying to fit in all the bookwork for Matt & Jesse...trying to keep all my bookwork/laundry/sanity...and still doing "normal" stuff with Mom and Toby pretty much has me frazzled. Yesterday was a complete nuthouse and with any luck, I can bring today back to slightly less nutty! :p

I am excited that the Tournament starts today! :) I have always been a huge basketball fan and generally fair pretty well in my picks, but this year I hurriedly made my decisions due to having no time left to get it filled has to wonder how good their picks can be when it comes at 1:45am?!?

In other news...things have been quite busy since I last posted anything. I had the pleasure of attending the District 9 FFA Convention and worked with a Past NY State Officer to slate their new district officer team. There were definitely some memorable moments, but you really can't appreciate it all typed out...and frankly, I'm too tired to go into that much detail! haha Jenna made a surprise dash down home Saturday to join me, mom, and our friend Jessica Geisler for dinner at The Grub...then she went to Cincy for the Flying Pig Swing dance. Sunday I wasn't feeling all that great (still battling a sore throat) so I let myself have an easy day. The week started and I haven't had a chance to slow down yet! I've been up for an unpleasant amount of time already this morning and need to get myself ready so I can tackle the many projects once again! All I can say is...thank you rain! :) Now I don't have to sit at the course all day and can get my many other projects finished!! (well, mostly finished..ha)

Hope you're having a great week! I'll try to post some pics over the weekend of the golf course improvements, but you may have to wait depending on the weather and how much we get done!

Happy Spring! ;)

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