Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunny Sunday

A few quick notes:

  1. My Boilers are still dancing! :) Way to go guys! The game was a "sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-have-a-heart-attack" game, but was no less a true Boilermaker game!
  2. I seem to be passing through this cold I have acquired quietly...thankfully! I went from sore throat, to a slight cough, to now feeling a little stuffy. All in all, I am surviving!
  3. The golf course officially opens tomorrow for the 2009 season! We're pretty much ready to go. Mom has to help me do a few things today and then I can happily say I feel like we're ready to see people in masses tomorrow and every day after that...ha
  4. I'm slightly bummed this morning because I thought today was the day of the Napoleon Fireman's breakfast (major yummy for anyone who's never been), but it's actually NEXT Sunday! :p
  5. Also a CONGRATS is due to one of my alma maters...the JCD Eagles (not the HS I graduated from, but may as well have been since I only spent my Senior year at Switz Co) have advanced to the State Finals in Class 1A Basketball!! Go Boys Go! My Senior year, many of my classmates were on the last team that went to Regionals. The boys are ranked #1 in the State right now and if you saw the line of fire trucks last night driving up Hwy 421, you would understand what kind of mob will be in attendance at Conseco! Bring home the nets!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend! It didn't get quite as warm as I was hoping for, but it's been nice nonetheless. Right now I'm just waiting for Mom & Toby to get up (we have trained Toby to sleep in on Sunday mornings! ha), then we'll get ready for our Sunday usual routine.

Catch ya later alligator! :p

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