Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Rainy Day Blues

I'm beginning to think the rain may never end around here...we could definitely use a break at the golf course! We are hosting a big tournament this weekend and have MANY outside projects to finish, none of which are possible with the current weather. Argh!

On a side note, Toby and I have had a pretty productive day so far. I slept in, until 8:30! Woohoo! haha Wow, isn't that sad?!? I'm thrilled about getting to stay in bed until 8 or 8:30. Must be a sign of the times! ;) After a quick bite to eat for breakfast, Toby "helped" me sweep the entire first floor of the house. I started in my bedroom, worked my way up the stairs into the kitchen, down the hallway into the bathroom, and back through the hallway to the living room. Oh...did I mention how much Toby LOVES the vacuum? NOT! ha He barked and jumped and carried on the entire time. Good thing his momma is used to it and kept on working despite the nuisance.

I really need to dust as well, but have yet to get motivated for that undertaking. :p Toby is worn out from all our sweeping, so he's been snuggled with me. This dog sure can sleep! haha (granted, it's pretty much the only time he's good...)

I am officially getting old! Last night I was reading the Osgood Journal and briefly glanced through the "x Years Ago" column that they include each week. I normally do it because mom never fails to ask, "did you see so and so in the 10/30/50 years ago?" I did not expect to see MY name printed under 10 Years Ago...1999!!! Holy smokes! Am I really old enough to be making the paper for the looking back through the years segment?? haha Guess so! In 1999, I was a Junior at Jac-Cen-Del...I'd been elected to a FFA Officer position that was not the one I wanted due to being blackballed by our "lovely" Advisor (which was ultimately THE last straw that caused me to change high schools, it's a long story that I won't bore you with!). My good friend, Anne Burns, and I were also about to receive our Hoosier FFA Degrees at State Convention in another month. I messaged Anne last night about us making the was a good laugh! :) Now I am officially prepared to see my name in the paper as the years go on...I made the paper many times after my Junior Year, so the Looking Back Column may become a favorite source of laughter! haha

Alright, I better get a move on! I need to do some more cleaning, even though I don't want to... Then I have to get cleaned up so mom and I can go to Greensburg tonight. We're both feeling a little stir crazy I guess, so dinner out and picking up a few supplies for the golf course is the mission of the evening!

Hope everyone stays dry! ;)

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