Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm in need of book suggestions! I am an avid reader and always in need of a good book for the long hours at the golf course. haha I most recently read the entire Jen Lancaster series, even her newest book "Pretty in Plaid." They were great! Nothing like a good laugh while you read! :)

I'm a fan of ALL types of books. Over the winter I read Jackie Collins' series on Lucky Santangelo. GREAT books if anyone likes romantic dramas with a twist of mystery due to the mob connections. ha

- - -

I hope all the moms out there had a great day yesterday! Mom and I went to Crossroads for breakfast and then I had to go to work, so later in the day she brought Toby down to the golf course for awhile. It was a pretty quiet day, but at least the sun was out! She got her gift about a month ago. She needed to replace her cordless drill and ended up finding a whole set she liked! Jenna and I decided we'd get that for her since that's what she wanted. Toby got his mamaw a new cell phone a few weeks ago as his gift for Mother's Day. haha ;)

- - -

Back to another work week. I had my last employee start yesterday at the course. So, there will be plenty of training going on the next few weeks! Hopefully everyone will get into a routine soon....I'm tired of filling in all the open spots! argh. :p

Enjoy the week! It's off to a rainy start, but the rest of the week should be dry and sunny!

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