Saturday, May 2, 2009

All in a Day's Work

I am the multi-tasking queen. Seriously.

It's truly a wonder I don't have ADD, but it's no surprise I'm a bit OCD with all my multi-tasking skills! ha I have friends who are always asking how I manage all that seems to constantly be on my plate and I am baffled at their inability to organize & prioritize their schedule. I guess I've always been BUSY, so I don't know anything else!

I took a look at all I did in just 30 minutes today and had to laugh. Especially since I've been reading a book, a memoir, by a Purdue grad. If you haven't read Jen Lancaster's book series, I suggest it for some chuckles!
-call employees to work out weekly schedule
-call boss to discuss weather and carts on the course
-text Jenny (an employee) about change for the cash register
-text my cousin about cell phones
-send email to golf course members about postponing an event
-call mom at work to tell her my schedule for the day
-entertain Toby while on the phone so he doesn't bark
-check my Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogspot, Linked In
-search flights and hotels for my Australia trip
-type an itinerary for aforementioned "once in a lifetime" trip
-doing all those things while watching The Fairly Oddparents on that show! ha

Really. How does the world function without internet, cell phones, and television? My life is consumed with the internet and my Blackberry (aka the "crackberry"). Is there a point when one multi-tasks TOO much? Bah! Surely not. Well probably.

I'm just doomed to be an internet junky with a texting affliction.

Maybe if this country town weren't full of immature boys I grew up with, watching them eat paste and try to gross us out.....I'd have a social life. Hmph. (and yes, I am missing the big city life. and no, I do not anticipate moving back there for another year or two...job security is my main concern at this point in time.)

Many thoughts to ponder! :p

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