Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Follies

And another weekend comes to a is it that time away from work always go so fast?! ha So, on to the details of my fun weekend!

The day began nice and early...on a chilly fall day. We loaded up in the Ranger Crew to head to Jennings County for the ATV/Ranger Poker Run benefiting Joy for Giving (charity that provides Christmas to families who wouldn't otherwise have anything). By we, I mean...myself, my cousin Zach, my Aunt Roni, my Uncle Kevin, and my Grandma Menchhofer. We voted to make the ride there and back on the ranger instead of hauling it there. While it was fun to see the countryside, it was also more than a little cool. haha The ride took us a little over an hour for a 40 mile trip. We then enjoyed a nearly 70 mile scenic drive around Jennings County for the poker run. The main sponsor, the Harmon Group (they build steel frame buildings), was awesome and we had a blast! Between all the sponsors and participants, over $7,000 was raised for Joy for Giving! :) Definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday! The ride went from St. Joe's Catholic Church in Hayden, to Commiskey Country Mart in Commiskey, to Butlerville Grocery in Butlerville, to St. Anne's Golf Course on the outskirts of North Vernon, back to St. Joe's. After riding 70 miles on the run, we then enjoyed another 40 mile ride home. Yes, we did drive around in the rain. Thank goodness for a canopy top and a windshield! I don't know why people would spend money on a ranger and not get any amenities! :p The poor people riding ATVs were drenched. We managed to get by with only a little dampness. ;) I'm ready for the next ride...just hope it will be warmer!

vehicles waiting to join the lineup

rangers & atvs in a row for about 2 miles!

everyone drawing cards for their poker hand

waiting to head off on the next leg of the trip

drying off at St. Anne's for a few minutes

Today we had a fun treat! My employer, Best Metal Finishing (BMF), and our sister company, Ohio Rod Products (ORP) treated all the employees and their families to a day at the Great American Ballpark to watch the Reds beat the Brewers! We had tickets for the Riverboat Deck which is in center field. The day included a buffet lunch and free drinks (pop & alcohol). It was so much fun! It had been a LONG time since we'd been to a baseball game. I think the last game I'd been to was a Cubs game in the 8th grade. haha And the last Reds game I attended, I believe I was in the 3rd grade.... The game was immensely more exciting than I remember baseball being, which was a good thing! :) It was fun to see the last regular season game and enjoy a day with most of our co-workers and family members. It's pretty awesome to work for such a great company!

our view of the field

mom, me, Jen

Mr. Redlegs

the Reds were on fire!

great way to watch the game

fireworks to celebrate a win! :)

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