Friday, October 1, 2010

Fast Friday

Not much to post today...this week has flown by and I can't believe it's already Friday! Not to mention...where did September go? Here we are enjoying the first fabulous fall day of OCTOBER!

This week was pretty crazy at work...I experienced my first ISO Audit. And after a oh so lovely 10 hour training course yesterday in Seymour, I am OSHA certified. Boy my job keeps getting better. hahaha ;)

I'm ready for the weekend...tonight Jenna will be home and we're having a family dinner at The Grub. Saturday after I drop my vehicle off for new tires (ouch on the checkbook), mom is dropping me off at my cousin's. I will be spending the day on an ATV/Ranger Poker Run. I'm so excited! I LOVE riding the ranger and this will be my first all day trip! :) Sunday will also be an exciting August my company (Best Metal Finishing) and our sister company (Ohio Rod Products) had one of our best months ever, so the company is treating everyone to a Reds game! Woohoo! We were all allowed to invite our families to attend as well, so mom and Jenna get to go with me. We have Riverboat Deck watch for us on tv! ha It should be a good time...and not to worry, my camera will be with me all weekend, so I'll get pictuers and updates posted after my fun-filled weekend.

If you have any free time, hop on over to check out a few new blogger buddies this week. Welcome, Hayley and Natasha! Hayley has been a friend ever since I was a State FFA Officer...I spent lots of time up in her neck of the woods and she is adorable. And my dear friend, Natasha, has been a great friend since my Senior year of High School...I don't think my year would have been as memorable or as easy of an adjustment to a new school without her.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend (other than the tire expense - ouch!) Enjoy the game! Tell Jenna I say hi!



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