Friday, July 15, 2011

Days 105 & 106

I'm playing a bit of catch up tonight...I seem to keep running out of hours of the day to accomplish everything! ha So here goes nothin'!

WW - I weighed in per usual this morning (even though I weighed in Monday morning to see where I stood after vacay) and I had lost 5 pounds! Of course, I am still .8 pounds up from where I was BEFORE I left for vacation, but I'm glad the weight came right back off. I probably would have lost more, but my right heel is ripped open from an attack of the poolside lounge chairs! hahaha Sad, huh? The only shoes I can wear that doesn't aggravate the wound is flip-flops...which I'm NOT allowed to wear to work (due to the factory) and it's very sore to wear tennis shoes as well. I ran on the treadmill one night this week and my heel was not pretty when I got done, so I gave it up this week and just did ab workouts to try to get my heel healed. So far, that is not working. Argh!

Thursday, mom and I both took a half day off work. I did my very first craft show/festival booth for Scentsy. I was worried at the beginning because no one was buying!! Things picked up though and I ended up having a great night. I signed up for next year's event as well. :) If you live near Indy, I suggest you check out Fortville's Bastille Day celebration. It was pretty cool. (Bastille Day is the National French can check out their website here) The organizers were very pleased with this year's bigger turnout and expect it to be even better next year. *side note: I am now about $700 away from meeting my Scentsy goal for the starter period...please, if you need anything or know someone who does, send them my way! Thank you!!

Today I was dragging a bit because we didn't get home until 11:30pm last night and of course, I still got up early to workout, weigh in, and then get ready for work by 7am! I am so thankful Fridays are only 4 hour days for me. hahaha It made the morning a little better to step out of the house at 6:45am and see this beautiful scene!


  1. Scentsy is becoming quite a popular household word, it seems! Hope you have great success for the years to come!
    And your little foot injury story reminded me of when I had both of my big toes operated on, and the only slippers we found that fit were banana yellow, so I looked like I was walking around with banana splits on my feet!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm not sure if you've ever considered it.. but Hope Hertiage Days (last weekend of September) always has a good size crowd as does Fort Vallonia days (the weekend of October 15 I believe)

  3. Thanks Missy! I will have to check into the Hope Heritage Days! My sister used to go to Fort Vallonia to march for band, but I've never been there either. :)



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