Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 114

Days like today just reiterate why I am blessed with the life I am living! Do you ever have those days?

1. My dog let me sleep in. He NEVER does that. Toby feels that if he is awake, everyone else should be as well. Mom got up and went to work and Toby went back to sleep. I was glad to wake up on my own rather than to him scratching and crying at my bedroom door. haha

2. I attended my first company picnic this afternoon. Mom went with me and Jen opted to stay home in the air conditioning. We had a great catered lunch by one of our favorite places, chatted with lots of friends who work at both companies (the one where I work & our sister company), and I had fun calling the Bingo games! They sure take their bingo seriously...haha...they kinda blind-sighted me as a newbie, but I'm one up on them! I'm not afraid of a microphone or a rowdy crowd! ;)

3. Had dinner at one of our favorite local places, Storie's Restaurant, which is known statewide for their big tenderloin sandwiches. Yum!

4. I got to go to the movie theater to watch the final Harry Potter movie! I love going to see movies when they come out, but rarely have anyone to go with, so it was nice. Plus, our family has seen all the HP movies in the theater (I know, we're dorks) and this one was especially good. It was a nice ending to the series!

Mom trying to figure out how to fold up my new sun shade before going to the movie! ha

5. Came home to check my Scentsy site and found that I had met my goal!! Yes, you read that right 69 days (I had 70 to my start period), I beat my $5,000 sales goal by $2.88 and I still have one whole day to go! :) :) :) I am super pumped. I love this company and all the products. Now it's time to fill my books with parties. So if you are willing to have me into your home to host a party (I will travel!) or would be interested in collecting orders as a book/online party and getting lots of FREE Scentsy...let me know and we'll get it set up! I love helping people earn free product. ;)

 Toby helping his Aunt Nenners pick out a few new Scentsy scents!

6. My twitter has been blowing up today thanks to a few friends! One is an old friend who has recently become a new friend (did ya catch that? ha) and the other is a lady I met at Bastille Day who is now in love with Scentsy! Pretty cool way that technology lets us interact.

All in all, it was a fun day. Despite the heat, we are enjoying the end of this month. I kind of splurged today on points and plan to again tomorrow. I have hit a weight loss plateau and on the advice of several WW pals, I am "shocking" my body with some extras that I don't allow myself to have (I NEVER cheat) in hopes that I'll drop that last 5 pounds this week. Keep your fingers crossed! ha I have 6 days until my birthday which means 6 days to hit my 1st goal. I WILL DO IT!

Hope you're enjoying your hot weekend!

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