Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 235

If you'll remember from yesterday's post...I mentioned how stressful and chaotic today (and all 3 work days this week) would be. I am sad to say that it held true. Ugh! I was so relieved to get done with work, run a few errands, finish payroll for the excavating company and finally make my way the drizzly rain. I got out of my car and was heading in the house when my cell phone fell out of my coat pocket (where I NEVER keep it). I've dropped it before, no big deal - I have an awesome case on it, but tonight could not be the same as always. I reached down to pick it up and what do I find??

:( Sad face. Tears. Anger. GRRR!

This was SOOO not my day.

I ended up driving 20 minutes to the closest AT&T store (after calling to see if they had a phone I wanted). Luckily, there was a super sweet girl (shout out to Allison!) working and she called to see if she could get me an exclusive upgrade (which was $50 extra, but my upgrade wasn't due until the end of February)...and yay for me...I got it!! So instead of paying the no-commitment price (ouch ouch ouch that would have been expensive!), I paid the 2 year contract price. :) I ended up getting the Atrix 2, which is the new version of the phone I had. So far so good. I think I've got everything I really wanted/used downloaded on the new phone. We're back in business. Whew! That was a close call, folks. ha

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  1. Sounds like you have had a horrible couple of days however at least you got a new phone out of it that is a good smile on a face I am sure however It still came with a price but at least days will pass & you can have plenty of good days too :) Glad your loving the new phone so far!



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