Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 234

A lazy, rainy Sunday....well kinda. It was rainy. I was feeling lazy. haha I did manage to cross quite a few things off my To Do list!

Since Jenna was home this weekend and we won't be at home for Thanksgiving, we had our version of a Thanksgiving meal! ha (we rarely ever eat turkey...not big fans) For starters, mom forgot to get the rolls out of the freezer to rise before she started making lunch. We tried to cheat and push the process around by turning my heater way up (think Jamaica, it was HOT) and close the door to my bedroom to contain the heat. It did help a little bit, but they certainly didn't rise the way they normally do! :p They still tasted yummy though. :)

I started packing for our it Wednesday yet?? I am so not prepared for the crazy 3 days ahead. Work has been extremely busy. We have so much product on the plant floor to be processed that it will take us through the beginning of December...and of course our customers are expecting it to be done by Thanksgiving...oh yeah and did I mention that our sister company will send a semi-trailer full of work each day as well? Oy. Lord, please help us. Tempers will be quick, stress will be high, and I will be working my tail off!

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