Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 233

Hello friends! Have you missed me? didn't notice I'd been gone for a week? ha Okay. :p

Seriously, sorry for my absence for any of you that regularly read my gibberish. Between work, basketball games, Scentsy, and the fact that it is now dark at 5:30-6pm each night...I am just not finding enough energy to get everything done! My blogging lacked all week. I was reading all of your posts, but couldn't muster the energy to create any of my own. Sad, I know. You'll need to keep scrolling down on my page today because I have done a week's worth of posts in about an hour (or less)! I realize I left out some things that happened throughout the week, but once again I'm too lazy to go back and edit the posts...

Saturday was another day spent selling Scentsy at a local event. We held a Holiday Bazaar in Sunman and although there were numerous competing events that day, we had a decent turnout and I managed to sell some Scentsy and possibly have 2 new team members for the near future.

I got home earlier than I thought I would, so mom, Jen and I hopped back in the car and made our way to Florence (Kentucky, that is...ha) for some shopping. We stopped at Kohl's and I had what we call in our little WW group as a Non-Scale Victory (NSV)! I was able to buy jeans...real jeans, not the Lane Bryant kind...the first time in 21 years!! I am so excited to say that I bought Lee's bootcut jeans and not even the biggest size they carry! SCORE! :) After having stayed the same weight for the past month, it is a victory to go down a pant size (considering I didn't think that was possible). I bought 3 pairs and really, with just a few more pounds, could be down another size. Now that I can get excited about!! ha I just might learn to love shopping yet!! After years and years, almost my entire life, of being is not a fun thing when you can never find anything *cute* that fits because you have to shop at plus-size only stores. Now I am able to shop at normal stores...well almost. Being able to buy things at Kohl's and other department stores is a step in the right direction!

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