Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 224

Where do I even begin on today's events? hmmm... It was cold. It was exhausting. It reiterated all the things I dislike about the company I work for (although it's a good company, they do some stupid things).

For starters, I am in charge of planning and carrying out the details for our company's Children's Christmas Party. The company is pretty great about giving back to it's workers. Any child and/or grandchild (ages 12 and under) of all employees is invited to see Santa, get a present, and have some snacks at a party just for them. Cool, right? Yeah, I thought so too. That is until I was put in charge and had to spend my whole work day (plus, 1 hour) shopping for said toys. ARGH! Do you know how hard it is to find toys for 121 kids???? Just try it. ha I am guessing you'll be as exhausted, impatient, and irritated as I was at the day's end! Each age range gets split into male and female. The same gift is bought for each child within that division. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find 20 identical one store! After hitting up 2 Toys R Us stores, a Hobby Lobby, having lunch and making our way home...we are still NOT done. I am thankful my mom took a vacation day at her work to go with me!

a look at the back of the van...$50 of wrapping paper and over $2,000 worth of toys

Tonight after getting home a mere 11 hours after leaving this morning (ugh), I still had 2 more newly delivered Scentsy boxes to sort, label, and put away. My drawers of scent bars get so disheveled after each event, so tonight I made it a point to sort them the right way instead of just throwing them in the drawers. (yes, I'm with it! ha) My floor looked like a wax bar explosion! I am happy to say, everything is sorted and put away where it belongs...which means it is ready for Saturday. Yes, I have yet ANOTHER event.

And last but not least, some of you may remember (are you reading this, Missy, it's just for you!) that I talked about a "miracle" product that cleared up my terribly plaguing acne. I also mentioned that I may be allergic to it. I think it is safe to say that I am not allergic, but it will dry out your skin - EXTREMELY. I guess I should have paid attention to the detail that said to start out using it once a day and slowly build to twice a day. Whoops! ha I had to back off to using the cleanser once a day and I have not used the lotion since the weekend ended. I have decided to only use it if I see a breakout starting to appear. Note to all: remember that if you have oily skin, it is imperative for you to use moisturizer...and do not skimp!! If you do not give your skin the moisture it needs, it will produce more oil (oh joy, huh?) to make up for it. So without further ado (and no, I am not being paid for this endorsement, although if someone has a connection, I'd love to get Neutragena to throw me some benjamins! haha)......I give you my miracle products! Goodbye acne, I've lived without you for 6 days and that includes through Aunt Flo's monthly visit. PRAISE THE LORD! :)

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