Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 228

Monday was the start of a super crazy week...and the start of me not blogging for an entire week! What the heck!?! I'm going to play catch up, so hopefully some lucky (bored outta their mind soul) will read all the way down to this post! ha

Jenna and I went to the Purdue basketball game Monday night against High Point. And no, we had NO CLUE who the heck that team was until we got there and googled them. haha Don't ya love smart phones? Anyway, it was way too close of a game for any sort of comfort! The crowd was low in attendance, most likely due to the facts that a) it was a Monday night and b) we had to swim to get there! It poured our whole drive there and then of course it had been storming (they even had a tornado warning) in West LaLa that afternoon. Luckily, our Boilers came out on top! Now they have been in Puerto Rico playing...and again, narrowly winning. Hopefully these games give them some more time to work the kinks out! :)

sister fun at the game!

half-time game: Baketball Musical Chairs ;)

love my alma mater!!!

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