Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYC - Sunday

By Sunday we thought we were dying. Really, seriously. ha Jenna got up early Sunday morning and walked down the block to the pharmacy to buy some Icy Hot and bandaids. haha Whew, we're a sad crew. Her knees were hurting, my ankle hurt, and I had a blister of my little toe. To top it all was the day of our fateful climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. I will say I wanted to die on the way up, but if you've never done's a once in a lifetime experience. You have to do it to say you did it, but you'll never want to do it again! ;)

Sunday's festivity storyboard...

had to see the famous Wall St.

yep, there it is...the major financial district

Battery Park

ferry ride to Statue of Liberty

reflection of Lady Liberty in Jen's aviators

the old torch in the museum

at the top of the crown

Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island

I know there seems to be a lack of pictures for this day, but we spent nearly 4.5 hours on the Statue of Liberty tour and I didn't feel like posting a bazillion of the same photos. haha

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  1. Hey.. I noticed on your facebook page (although I think they were your sisters pictures) you had some unique statue pictures.. like the top of the stone tablet.. her feet..etc. Could you see all of that from the crown?

  2. Nope, those pictures were from the pedestal. It was at the half way down point, you could walk outside around the statue (higher up than the ground level base).

  3. I did that... we could go basically to her feet but not up inside. But how did she get some of those shots?

  4. Nothing special. ha We both have Canon Rebel's with varying lenses, so it's pretty easy to zoom and get the picture you want.



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