Thursday, February 25, 2010

NYC - Monday

It always seems these posts start out grand with all my wit and ability to replay my story for you via words...and it all goes downhill so quickly! Guess that is what I get for trying to do all the posts at once instead of spacing them out! ha Sorry folks, you're gonna have to muddle through this time.

Monday was our last day in NYC. We slept in, could have slept in longer...and then saw a few last sights in the Big Apple before heading to the airport. Sadly enough, the airport was the highlight of our day. Rockefeller Center was disappointing. Our brunch at famed Lindy's did not sit well with me. And after walking yet some more, we were both hurting again. (I hate typing that because I walk all the time and at a very fast pace, so I have no idea why it hurt so much in NYC...concrete maybe?) Anyway, the airport was it's own entertainment as airport crowds generally you'll have to scroll to the end to get that story! :p We did make it back to Indy. Our pilot was quite comical...he played the harmonica for us and did a little musical number to welcome us aboard. He also did some Governator impressions after we were in the air and before we landed. Good fun. :)

On to the pictures since I know that's what you came here for....

Rockefeller Center

RC skating rink

Saks Fifth Avenue

Radio City Music Hall

Ed Sullivan Theater - home of David Letterman Show

Lindy's famous cheesecake

Hello Deli (from the Letterman show)

And finally, the airport Jen & I were sitting at the airport enjoying our boredom when these 2 women sashayed into our row and sat across from us. The air of disdain was heavy...and amusing. They thought they were all that AND a bag of chips with their matching Louis Vuitton purses and similar leather jackets, boots, and big sunglasses. Oh and did we mention nearly matching cleavage? haha As the time wore on, Jenna started texting me about the "bomb diggity" girls, and yes we were sitting next to each other. Finally they moved a little farther down the row and proceeded to sleep. I managed to sneak this picture for the Boiled Sports guys! Of course, you can guess where they were headed...Hotlanta! hahaha

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  1. I so want to go to all those places you did someday!! It looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. It was so much fun! Jenna and I definitely want to go let me know, we'll make it a girl's trip! haha ;)



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